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"MASK"ing the TRUTH

We are never more blind than when we attempt to look straight at something.  We have just gone thru one of the most obvious and yet hidden illusions that exist within humanity, that of Halloween.   We may interact with the event and believe that we are "dressing up" but we are not so much dressing UP as removing that which we hide all the other days of the proverbial year.  It can be very telling indeed to look at that which people choose to interact with and how deeply they embrace it as they interact.

The veils that exist between this dimensional realm and that which protects it are removed at certain key points in the human life experience.  The veils are removed around certain FESTIVAL events that are created in an attempt to pull in as many participants as possible.  Once again I would highlight that we do not require to "believe in anything in order to interact with it and we do not require to "believe" in something to be able to be part of it.  The construct of religion for example gives a false umbrella to a huge section of humanity who believe that because they follow a certain set of rote and ritual somehow they have a protection.  Not so, often it is the exact opposite.

A sudden removal of a veil to a human will result in two options, denial or rejection, denial is not the same as rejection just as rejection is not the same as denial.  Many have begun to wake up to the festival key points yet do not grasp that which they have been interacting with.  For example we may suddenly understand the rote and ritual that is halloween but have been practicing (I use this word deliberately) the rote and ritual up until the moment the veil is removed.  PARTAKING IN ROTE AND RITUAL IS THE SACRIFICE.  It is akin to selling the soul then going back and asking for a refund believing that the refund takes place just because the belief is removed.

We are also bound from generation to generation, when it comes to the notion of "sin" we are completely blind. Again the construct of religion promotes and defines "sin" and then presents a "get out jail free card" that has no value whatsoever in TRUTH to those who seek to "cleanse" themselves.  What is not seen is the generation that actually SOLD THE SOUL OF THE HUMAN BLOOD LINE in the first place.  It takes ONE SOUL to be sold for the rest to be bound in BLOOD.

Many will go into abject denial of this stating that they do not believe therefore they are somehow innocent.  The GARDEN OF EDEN is the ORIGINAL SIN because of that which played out between ADAM and EVE but they are not the original sin.  You dont have to believe in Adam nor Eve at any level, the ORIGINAL SIN was well before this and it has nothing to do with angels mating with humans. Again another slight of hand that many have simply accepted and have run with.

The ORIGINAL SIN is the copy of Genesis 1 27 (KJV) that Lucifer managed prior to Adam and Eve.   Since all within this current dimensional level of reality are directly related to the ORIGINAL SIN then we have to start viewing the human life experience as other than it is in TRUTH.  We can now see the sediment rising to the surface once more. Human cloning is not new, it is older than humanity itself but is seen only at the exact moment that lucifer decided to reveal it to humanity.  Thus we look at technology and see "new" but only because the generations that had access to this are no longer in our reality.

For those who walk in the new age movement and have fallen into the lemuria distortion this is the fragment that is denied by the rest of humanity.  It is the denial of the jigsaw that hides said jigsaw.   We are not where we believe that we are just as we are not who we have been conditioned to believe that we are.

No belief is necessary to grasp any of this for TRUTH JUST and the coming few linear weeks and months will begin to reveal TRUTH. For the vast majority of humanity this will be a VERY unsettling time and many will choose to exit for that which the human logical mind can cope with is dependent upon the anchor mechanism that is present. Thus those who have sought to anchor the human life experience thru rote, ritual and logic and reason will have a very tough time indeed when things APPEAR to contradict themselves. The use of the phrase" this does not add up" or "this makes no sense" is founded upon the belief system that human life and the resulting experience has to make sense within a context.  As the context is false and is akin to standing on shifting sand it cannot be held on to.

The human logical mind will go into a tailspin and the backlash from generation and within generations will continue to mount up. Indeed there will be a backlash that is not survivable for those who maintain that the world is X or Y. The flexibility to move and to shift and to endure the levels of illusion that will be ripped away are being built within those who have long endured the ridicule of those who simply refused to see TRUTH.

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music


It is not our human eyes that see TRUTH nor is it our human ears that hear TRUTH. TRUTH is only ever found within the heart space for it is our heart space that is connected beyond this construct, all else is illusion. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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