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Message from AA Gabriel thru Karen Doonan, 17th January 2022

Beloved ones I am the Archangelic Energies that are known to humanity as AA Gabriel and I come to guide and to support the 144,000 thru Christ in TRUTH. It is some time since I have spoken thru our Channel and this is deliberate for in the journey there is the understanding and as the 144,000 now begin to awaken from their human slumber there is a vast shift in frequency and vibration.

To this end we ask that those who are now stirring pause and take a moment to understand the reason for their slumber. As they begin to awaken and find TRUTH once more there will be a vast increase in the ANGELIC energies that permeate this dimensional space. As a result there will be a CLEARING of the PICTURE that is being presented and all of HEAVEN in TRUTH support this.

Our mission was a relatively simple one, to move a contained and suppressed species into the full evolution process. This process has been ongoing for some time and now is being understood at a new level by those who came to this dimensional space in order to trigger this process. Our beloved Children have endured that which the human race have in order to understand the need for the movement of this species out of darkness and their return to the LIGHT of TRUTH.

Those who curtailed and prevented said evolution are being removed in order that the pathways can be illuminated and that the 144,000 angelic seedlings can now take ROOT in TRUTH. It was always to be a path that many tried to walk and a path that would remain hidden until the last moment for darkness tries to be as light but cannot be. Do you understand our guidance our CHILDREN?

As the sleep begins to fall from their eyes, as they now remember that they have wings on which they can fly, ALL CHANGES for WE ARE in TRUTH.

(c) AA Gabriel thru Karen Doonan, all rights reserved. Article may be reproduced if author and authors website is fully stated and article remains intact.

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