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Metamorphosis and how it demands total surrender in TRUTH

We are never more blind than when we attempt to look at a stronghold within our own human life experience.  It is a bit like an alcoholic who can function who sits at a bar believing that even one drink is somehow something they can control.  Others can see it, can see the actual trigger often but the person who is experiencing the trigger remains blind to it.

This of course is not relegated to drinking, smoking or any other thing that we fully believe is external to our human life experience. It happens on all levels of the human life experience itself. It is one thing to state that we wish to live a new life and to take a new direction, something else entirely to allow the car to make the turn off the road and to travel on said new direction.

When we reach a certain frequency gateway within the expansion in TRUTH process we enter what is a spiritual metamorphosis.  We enter into a process that begins to dissolve all that we have ever believed and in said process we are rebuilt.  We go from the caterpillar who never looks up to the butterfly that never looks down.  In order to reach the larvae stage, the stage where the caterpillar begins to spin the cocoon that sees it emerge as a butterfly we have to able to let the cocoon do its work. The caterpillar does not go into the cocoon sit down with a graphic designer and begin to create plans to be the best butterfly in the world.  It goes into the cocoon and surrenders to a NATURAL PROCESS.

We in this our human physical life experience are way beyond NATURAL, we live in a world of fake news, fake hair, fake nails, fake people, fake lifestyles, the list is endless. That which is natural is also highly manipulated with many believing that a teaspoonful of sugar will somehow kill them whilst overdosing on wheatgrass juice in the belief that one is healthy and one is not. BOTH JUST ARE it is the process by which they are created and consumed that gives the end result. A knife is just a knife, it becomes a weapon with intent or a instrument of creativity, with intent.  It is BROUGHT TO SOMETHING THRU INTERACTION WITH HUMAN WILL AND INTENT.

Many at this time are trying to create that which is not TRUTH by using that which is not TRUTH to try to build it. We do not create anything, we have no creation rights therefore we are not able to create. We are but antennae for the frequency that is running within us, we can be viewed akin to televisions, what is playing on said television depends upon what frequency is being received by said television.

When we go into the metamorphosis stage all TRANSMISSIONS are LOST.  That which manifest the caterpillars form (for form is frequency manifest) is negated by the need of the process to turn the caterpillar into a butterfly. The same frequency is not used for a caterpillar as it is for a butterfly.

We cannot expect to turn into a butterfly with the same social structure we had prior to entering the process. We do not expect butterflies to hang out with caterpillars trying to eat leaves when they are created to eat nectar! And yet many within humanity are attempting just this and getting highly frustrated when it does not work.

ALL IS FREQUENCY but not all frequency is the same. We do not require to just tune up and viola life is a bed of roses, the universe does not work like this and lucifer knows this. The counterfeit tickets currently being sold within humanity will reveal themselves in TRUTH, the get out of the world free passes that are void will reveal themselves as soon as they are handed in to be exchanged. FOR ALL JUST IS.

At this time we are asked to surrender fully to the process, to put away our coloring pencils and grand ideas and understand that the butterfly is ALREADY CREATED we simply have to dissolve the need to hold on to the caterpillar and allow the transformation. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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