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Mind V's Heart in TRUTH

We exist in a reality that is policed by the human logical mind, the hijacking of our human logical mind is done through the assumptions, the "filling in" of information that we perceive requires to be added and the triggering of human logic in relation to our need to "make sense" of our surroundings. As the reality around us becomes more disjointed and makes less and less "sense" the human logical mind goes into overdrive. The "shutting down" of the heart space is done ever so subtly as the human logical mind creates the very dangers that we have been conditioned to accept are external.

In TRUTH it is our emotional debris that is held deep within us that is the danger and is then externalized and interacted with repeatedly. Lucifer keeps humanity bound through grief, resentment, anger, rage and shame.  Trigger any one of these human emotions and the picture presented becomes very personal indeed.  Such is the power of the human logical mind to recreate scenarios that on first glance appear to be "the same" or even appear to be "different" that we begin to interact before even consciously registering that any trigger has been detonated.

We are being conditioned to live our lives in the full glare of the media which using technology repeatedly looks for and harvests from the emotional triggers that are deep within.  Anyone who is on the facebook platform will recognize that as soon as you become a member of facebook then your "interests" are used to target you. Many people are becoming more awake in respect of the targeting of advertising but remaining blind to the actual role and purpose of the marketing itself. Products are not sold on what they can do for you so much as sold on how they make you FEEL.  The emotional connection to products is deliberate as is the dehumanizing of relationships with living breathing people.

The mind cannot distinguish between "things" and "people", for the mind was never created for this purpose, the mind is a storage facility in order that we can reference and make "sense" of the reality that is created around us.  It is through our heart space that we LIVE from and the ability to recognize LIFE from DEATH is being eroded.  Many claim to live when in TRUTH they are simply watching, the non interaction being hidden by the sanitizing of the human life experience itself.

As with all conditioning the need to remain tightly within said conditioning begins to take over.  Humanity are being conditioned to ignore their own emotional responses and this is creating a method of attempting to live whilst not experiencing emotion.  This is hidden in plain view and is manifesting as the separation that many are now deeply connected to.  The human logical mind will attempt to filter out that last sentence for how can something be connected through separation? That makes no logical sense, right?  There you have the filter revealed, when something makes no logical sense we are conditioned to ignore it but in the ignoring we actually repeat the experience.  How can I get out of this routine? the human logical mind will come up with suggestions that involve creating more routine in response to getting out of the first one for it can only ever come up with an alternative to that which it already has a reference for.  In order to reach real and lasting change there has to be a change in how the picture is viewed in order for it to be viewed in TRUTH.

Surrendering fully to Christ is allowing the process of Salvation in TRUTH to reveal the hidden patterning that the human logical mind follows faithfully. The human logical mind only knows that which it has been conditioned to accept.  Let me give a clear example,  I recently lived within a community in the USA which shuns the world.  I spent almost 2 years within said community and it was an experience on many levels.  Those who are born into the community DO NOT KNOW ANY OTHER WAY TO EXPERIENCE LIFE.  This is hidden in plain view.  When you have never had an alternative experience then the human logical mind will accept the reality that you have experienced as all that there is to be experienced.

Now take this out to countries and see how the conditioning works. For all the millions of people who up sticks and move to different countries in order to live there are more that remain exactly where they were born.  Their view of the country they live within is different to someone who has lived there but chosen another country to live in.  We are conditioned to filter this out and to assume that everyone sees the world as we see it and this false lens is never so apparent when it comes to "world affairs".  There can be no "world affairs" when there is in TRUTH no world as such, just different areas with different conditioning that affects the area of humanity who live within such conditioning.

Why can humanity not reach a unified conclusion? How can they when they are subject to intense conditioning that varies according to race, culture, country, gender etc.  Conditioning covers ALL levels of the human life experience and it is this conditioning that we are challenged with at all moments of all moments.  The internal struggle will always be our head over our heart and the only way to claim victory over the internal struggle is through our surrender to Christ in TRUTH.  It is HE who will walk us where the internal conditioning tells us there is nowhere to walk, it is HE who will walk us through the fear that the human logical mind uses in order to protect the conditioning.

It is only by taking this narrow path with Christ leading us that we can navigate out of the labrynth that is hidden to the human eyes and ears for the human logical mind hides that which it sees as a threat in order to preserve what it has been conditioned to accept is reality. Nothing in TRUTH is solid except TRUTH and TRUTH sits beyond human conditioning, the stepping stone on to the path to TRUTH is always through our heart space through our full surrender to Christ.  This is the only route that leads to anywhere other than back into the labrynth that is policed by Lucifer and upheld by our human logical mind as it works to exert ITS control over our outer waking reality. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE Kx

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