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At this time we may feel that we are being opposed, that there is no way to turn around or that we are being swamped by the human race. This is building within many at this time and is part of the process that involves us moving HIGHER in frequency. The HEARD are those who are trapped within the matrices of the dimensional space referenced as "earth" and we require the aid of both the skull matrices and HEAVEN in TRUTH in order to step out and into a new frequency.

This is being offered at this time to those from Wider Creation in TRUTH and is being given in the form of symbols that can be understood and translated to higher frequency. For those who follow the work of TRUTH Codes and who have been using the meditation tools that are available on the GOLD channel then the WHITE ROSE meditation is the tool to use to access these symbols and corridors.

WE ARE asked at this time to move slowly and to understand that NO ONE is left behind from HEAVEN in TRUTH, the wings are there to help us understand and to LIFT us fully in frequency and in vibration. ALL ELSE IS ILLUSION wrapped up as a present that is other than it is. For many opening the present appears to be painful but that is because they have fallen for the WRAPPING PAPER and not understood the need to investigate what it hides prior to opening it.



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