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Morphic Resonance in TRUTH

We exist in this our human physical form as a human vehicle with a human soul (until we can release the human soul and anchor our Spirit from our Creator YHWY).  This is accepted by many within humanity but that which remains hidden is that both the human physical vehicle itself and the human soul have a resonance. ALL IS FREQUENCY and bandwidth. Depending upon that which is radiated is that which is then manifest as as a physical experience. We are the center of our own existence in many aspects. What distorts this is the Morphic Resonance that the human soul is aligned with. It is aligned to a frequency that broadcasts on a certain bandwidth. Variations are permitted but can be distilled down to the basic, separation, trauma, pain and death.   These are the root frequencies that exist along a varied but restricted bandwidth.

In order that we can move fully into phase two of the human evolution process (which is termed Salvation in TRUTH) we have to move beyond the dissonance that is created when we release our human soul and accept our Spirit in TRUTH from our Creator YHWY.  The human soul and our Spirit in TRUTH resonate to DIFFERENT BANDWIDTHS and these will clash if not addressed.  It is akin to trying to run a diesel vehicle by pouring in gas, the two are not compatible.

The Morphic Fields are inter dimensional and harness all of humanity into a reality that is false. Just because a human life experience contains the experiences of pain, separation, trauma and death does not make said experiences TRUTH. This is what the construct was designed to produce so it produces it. We have been conditioned to accept this is part and parcel of being in human physical form and being alive within this reality.  Again this does not make any of it TRUTH, TRUTH JUST IS and sits beyond the distortion that is Morphic Resonance, we have to walk beyond the Morphic Field in order to reach UNITY in TRUTH, that of our Spirit, our human vehicle and our Creator YHWY.

The human soul is like a force field, it creates a dissonance which interrupts our Creation Purpose deliberately. It is Lucifer's way of persuading humanity that they need their human soul and that somehow by aligning with it they can solve a puzzle that does not exist.  Again we are conditioned to solve that which appears complex and many who have chosen to explore the rabbit hole have gotten lost as the rabbit hole never ends, it was designed this way, the human logical mind feeding on the puzzle upon puzzle and giving the impression that knowledge is power, it is the jailor to the cell that we are locked within until we are let out.  The only way out is to go within to the the heart space and Christ is the only one with the keys to the doors that we require to walk through in our walk out of a false creation story with a false foundation.

At this time we are asked to remain vigilant for the disruption that may see us take action that is NOT required and which the remnant from the human soul attempts to replant in the soil that has been tilled by our Creator YHWY. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST. Kx For further detailed information please click here

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