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WE ARE now facing the Dark but in its physical manifestation. WE have to become more aware of the need of the Dark to keep humanity in chains and why this is done in ways that are mind blowing. I use the term "mind blowing" deliberately. The AI machine runs on logic and reason ONLY, all AI technology has a flaw and that flaw IS logic and reason.

Humanity are taught from the moment they are birthed into this dimensional space that the human flaw they carry is love but this is non TRUTH. It is not flawed to have compassion, to have love for another and to feel. THAT is the strength that the AI fears because humans who allow their compassion to flow are a force and this is being played out very physically at this time.

The division that is being revealed has ALWAYS existed, it has just been made visible. So those who carry the most fear and the most pain are those who have been able to hide, now they are MASKED in order to reveal themselves. This has always been prophesy and it is playing out fully. Shouting at these people only drives the FEAR THEY CARRY further into them making the fear stronger. WE ARE asked at this time to stand our ground in LOVE in TRUTH and to remain strong when said FEAR tries to come callling and insert itself back into our human physical life experience.

Darkness is a force that is not understood by humanity because they have been born into its dimensional space. Its a bit like an eskimo trying to understand the sahara dessert, an eskimo has no experience of the extreme heat as they have been born into the cold. At some level they will fear the heat because they have NO EXPERIENCE of said heat.

As the Old Earth Matrix begins to break down fully there are many who will FEAR FEAR itself and like all Darkness FEAR has a place where it cannot step. It cannot for example step into LOVE in TRUTH because the frequency of FEAR is not at a level to permit this. WE ARE seeing the frequencies that exist in this dimensional space take human form and walk in order to be VIEWED. ALL BECOMES PHYSICAL FLESH in the END of DAYS as foretold and denied by religion which seeks to teach that the spiritual realm is where the End of Days plays out. NOTHING IS FURTHER FROM TRUTH.

Humanity exits in a plane of existence and as such the battle to free them is played out in said space. There is no fleeing to another dimensional space albeit this space is now opening to allow re enforcements to enter who will also take physical human form because that is what is decreed by this space.

WE stand on a ROCK, this ROCK will remain solid for it is the ROCK of TRUTH, there will be those who come to call to us to step off the ROCK because to them it is not a ROCK but something that will crush them to death. They cannot see the frequencies that crush their bodies because they are INSIDE their bodies.

Jesus said unto him, Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom of God. (LUKE 9:60 KJV)

The walking dead will separate from those who have eternal life in TRUTH. This cannot be undone for it is already underway. When WE ARE asked to stand in TRUTH we do not move, both lines move around us.......



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