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Moving Beyond "Belief" in TRUTH

It is relatively easy to allow our human logical mind to fool us into accepting something that we do fully embrace.  Such is the depth of conditioning that is outpouring within the human race that we do not see the fragility of our own humanity, preferring to fall to the illusion that we are somehow immune from that which is being forced upon us because we do not "believe" it.  Belief is simply a set of reference points that are accepted and used by the human logical mind to place a context into which we then place our life experience.  This is unique and personal to each human being albeit the conditioning is not personal nor unique.  This is the foundation of the old earth itself, the general conditioning that is then personalized through the emotional debris that is produced by said conditioning.

We are not asked to "believe" in Christ, we are asked to ACCEPT and SURRENDER to Christ, the two scenarios are completely different.  We can "believe" without accepting and we can certainly "believe" without surrendering. The latter, the surrendering, is a huge challenge for the conditioning of humanity involves conditioning them to STRIVE. From setting goals for losing weight, to conditioning children to set goals about the later parts of their lives when they have only just begun to start their life experience, all is hidden in plain view.  We may have been brought up to believe that "nothing stops us", this may seem on the surface a positive "mind set" but it works against our creation purpose in TRUTH for if "nothing stops us" we are in full rebellion mode, working to STRIVE to get past something.  Lucifer polices the old earth very carefully with millions of fallen angels, demons and inter dimensional entities working to harvest the emotional debris that the old earth produces.

To have us STRIVE to build our human life is to have us in rebellion to our Creator YHWY, for it is HE,  through His Son, Christ who graces us with life. We do not require to build this life in the generally accepted definition of "building a life". When we surrender to our creation purpose in TRUTH we will find that doors open for us, opportunities find us, we begin to flow in our life experience, this is all done through the GRACE bestowed on us by our Creator YHWY.Ephesians 2:8 (KJV) For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

The most challenging part of the Salvation in TRUTH process is the full acceptance of Christ for we must go beyond simply believing in Him.  Indeed at the start of the Salvation in TRUTH process our Creator YHWY will allow the testing that floods into the outer waking reality as we step towards Christ. For as we make the decision to surrender to Christ then darkness will surround us, we will be tested on our faith for faith is only built through acceptance and understanding which is only ever created through the physical experience of our Creator YHWY's GRACE.  The impossible will become possible, we will start to live that which we have simply been conditioned is not possible.

At this time we are asked to move out of simply believing and move into full acceptance for the outer waking life experience for humanity is now shifting, for those who have made the decision to step out of the control of Lucifer's world then the journey has begun, like Moses who took the slaves out of egypt, we are being taken out of slavery and into the promised land in TRUTH.  At all times Christ walks with us for it is HE alone who knows the way:John 14:6 (KJV) Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me

Without Christ we would simply wander lost in the dessert for Lucifer offers the false pathways and the false exit points in order that we never find the promised land and that we then cannot accept the promise of our Creator YHWY, that of a new life, a new world and a new beginning in TRUTH. Kx

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