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Moving beyond the boundaries in TRUTH

We are often stopped in our tracks, not just by Wider Creation in TRUTH but by the Old Earth Matrix itself. It attempts to stop us moving in a direction which would see us move beyond its ability to hold on to us and when we approach this frequency (all is frequency and vibration) we will feel like we have done something that we simply cannot see.

We have SOVEREIGNTY in Christ, this is not the same as the "authority" which the Old Earth Matrix pulls on us at times of vast change and at times of upgrades. The "authority" of the Old Earth Matrix requires to be challenged at all times for it is trying to hold us to something that is not TRUTH by enforcing our human logic and reason.

At times of increased frequency we can fall to this false "authority" simply thru defaulting to the behavior and belief patterns of the Old Earth itself.

For assistance in recognizing these FALSE stop signs please listen to the latest podcast HERE.



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