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Moving beyond the 'death" of the old in TRUTH

We are heavily conditioned in this our human form to fear that which we do not understand.  It is to be noted that understanding is beyond knowledge, we can know something but still fail to understand it.  Indeed the conditioning has a twist within it, in order to understand something we have to move beyond our fear reaction to it and this is where many within humanity are now stuck.

Human death is an event that occurs each moment of each moment yet is referenced as the human physical passing of a loved one or a fellow human being.  Death is referenced in order that the human logical mind ACCEPTS it and does not question it. Many do not question death because the fear that arises within our human physical vehicle in response to death is such that it often paralyzes.  In order to understand the process that we are within at this time we have to reach the understanding that lies just beyond our human logical mind and is at our very finger tips.

Death is a gateway but it is our choice which gate we walk through. We can walk through the gate that is most accessible and is called GRIEF or we can walk through the gate that is hidden by the human logical mind which is called opportunity.   Death is our opportunity to grow in our understanding of our own human life experience but we are often hijacked at the entrance to the choice.  Even when we walk in grief there are exit points to the gate of opportunity. Within the grieving process itself there are various stages that will lead us to understanding but each stage has to be moved through. It is easy to become stuck in any of the various phase of grief, the "stickiest" of these stages is anger as anger is NOT accepted by the human logical mind very easily in respect of death.

As someone who has endured the physical death of both of my parents at two very distinct stages in my life I can relate to the many who are stuck within the anger phase of grief. I can relate to the guilt that begins to form for feeling so much anger at a person who is no longer physically present. How do we even get closure from this anger and how do we move on when we cannot even accept that anger is a NORMAL part of the grief process and must be walked through. To try to side step anger and worse to try to persuade someone in grief to side step their own anger will see the process grind to a halt.

Part of the process that humanity are within at this time is the death of the old earth construct/matrix. As explained above the process involves various stages and the stage that many will and have got stuck within is the stage of anger.  Anger at the lies that have been woven, the life experience that is other than it is, the manipulation of the outer waking reality and the anger of having lived a life that is not TRUTH.  This phase of anger must be walked through and gone beyond. To remain within this phase of the process is detrimental and is toxic, it prevents the healing process from completing and prevents expansion beyond the boundaries that the old earth construct/matrix are bound with.

At this time we are asked to go into our anger and to release it. To accept that whilst it is part of the process it is NOT the fuel that propels us through the process itself, that fuel is LOVE in TRUTH and it will dissolve the anger and the hurt leading to fresh perspective, understanding and deep and permanent healing.

Death is the prelude to opportunity, it is the exit point and always has been, but it is not as it has been referenced, the human physical body dying and us somehow being then in heaven. It is the exit point of this dimensional space, it is the surrender of all we have thought we were, the surrender of all that we believed, all that we have experienced and the surrender of all the hurt, pain and trauma that has been our companion on said journey.

The exit point is hidden deliberately and darkness placed it at this point knowing that many would be called to exit but many will not move beyond the calling for death holds them, it does so through their fear of it.  We cannot fear death, we must embrace it as we now are gifted the opportunity to move out of the incarnation cycles of the old earth construct/matrix and move into beyond. For only in the movement is there healing, otherwise we are in stagnation and decay and as this is not TRUTH it is opposed.  Death is not the end, it is the starting point in the journey to life in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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