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Moving beyond the FALSE BOUNDARIES in TRUTH

At this time there are many within humanity who believe that simply treading water is the answer to the question that is repeatedly going around the human logical mind. Certainty does not exist in TRUTH, we live in a fluid that in TRUTH moves continuously but we have been kept in a false stasis and we have ADAPTED to said false stasis. Many within humanity are now struggling with the apparent stop that is in TRUTH a movement. The outer waking reality will only begin to become fluid when that which is static within is dissolved. Hence we will find those who have adjusted to the temporary closure of the world and those who are still attempting to continue with the life styles and choices that they have always interacted with.

The confinement is that which it IS, it is the merry go round being stopped so that we can get off said merry go round however many within humanity are simply sitting still waiting for it to start up again. This is not possible. The fluidity that has begun will continue and as more and more begin to let go then the dam that has remained intact will burst.

There is NO WALL IN TRUTH, there is however many perceived boundaries and with each perceived boundary is a FEAR frequency that is manifesting various scenarios within the mind scapes of humanity. Where we find massive fear reactions know that we are viewing the INTERNAL conflict externalized. When viewed from this context the outer waking reality and the outpouring of anger, separation and backlash can be seen for that which it is in TRUTH.

So how do we navigate past a boundary that presents as a brick wall? Its all very well to state that it is not TRUTH but what if we continue to see it over and over again? what if we cannot find that which is manifesting said perceived brick wall? The answer is simple, we must stop and go deep within the heart space. We will find that the human logical mind will go into deep denial of this. We will be filled with sudden needs to distract ourselves. We will have an internal dialogue that begins to start up that says that this is nonsense and there is some other way and if we give in to the mind chatter that which is manifesting the perceived wall will once more hide itself.

This part of the opening of PHASE TWO is a tricky one because there are those around us at this time who will support the distraction. They will sense the moving towards the internal boundary and they will try all that they can to prevent the release for in the release is the moving BEYOND it and it is FEAR alone that prevents them from addressing this.

We are not here to stand as a hostage for a race that fully believes that they are other than they are in TRUTH. We are here to move beyond ALL boundaries for that is our role in this our human physical form. We are fully supported by Wider Creation at all, any and every point and we will find that we are opposed when we attempt to sit in front of the perceived wall and just view it. We are also heavily opposed if we attempt to stand back from the wall in order to leave it in position.



(c) Karen Doonan

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