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Moving beyond the lie that is Death in TRUTH

In this our human physical form we are heavily conditioned to reject that which is not accepted by our human logical mind. So strong is the human logical mind and so intense the denial that is then set up by our human logical mind that we will even stand in denial of something that is right in front of us. Our denial DOES NOT CHANGE IT, but it prevents us from altering anything because we cannot alter something that we deny.

This is the "death trap" of the human logical mind that manifests in various ways and can and will affect all aspects of this our human life experience.  We can even move into denial of our own denial.  When faced with "life changing" information/scenarios we will often move into denial in ways that remain hidden to us at a conscious waking mind level.  The old earth construct/matrix is set up to harvest and to bind through the denial frequency and the stronger the denial the stronger the anchor.  We can change physical location, we can change physical "appearance but the anchor remains until we can release the denial and face that which we then must release fully.  Our release comes within our full realization of that which we were in full denial of.

Again we can only ever work to release this through our SPIRIT which resides within our heart space, the soul will work to entrap the mind and work to live the human life experience primarily through the human logical mind whereas our SPIRIT will work to release that which our mind keeps us bound to.  It then becomes a movement into FULL BALANCE, that of our human physical vehicle with our SPIRIT at the helm and the human logical mind in the passenger seat as it were.

Human physical death is the manifestation of the frequency that the human physical vehicle is bound to, the human physical vehicle is the vehicle in which we navigate the old earth construct/matrix, it is tied fully to said matrix and works to keep the matrix in place because it believes that without the matrix we cannot exist and this is not TRUTH. WE CAN AND WE WILL continue to live in this our human physical vehicle but with our SPIRIT at the helm we will begin to change and to move fully into the full metamorphosis that is required upon exit and entry.

What do we exit? we exit the matrix itself, what do we enter? we enter wider creation in TRUTH.   For many the false teachings in respect of the movement into a "LIGHT" body have been taken very logically and literally which darkness knew and why darkness has pushed this false teaching.  It contains grains of TRUTH that cover the LIE that it is in TRUTH, a  lie can be disguised as TRUTH because it uses the frequency of assumption.  Knowledge is 99% assumption because it uses the reference points that human consciousness anchored just outside of the matrix itself.  So many when they are attempting to access something beyond what they see opt for human consciousness. But human consciousness is EARTH BOUND. Human consciousness is tethered to the matrix itself, it is the protective "bubble" that encapsulates the dimensional space that is referenced as the earth.

We require to go within to our heart space and to surrender fully to our SPIRIT in order to reach understanding and then actively release that which we have kept tight hold of believing that there is nothing beyond this. Wider creation in TRUTH is vast but our human logical mind denies eternal, it denies infinity because it has NO PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE to reference from.  Our heart is CONNECTED to eternity because it is the seat of our SPIRIT and our SPIRIT is eternal.

We are at this time asked to refocus, to place our attention to our SPIRIT and to allow physical experience to guide us to understanding which moves us out of that which appears to be  solid but which in TRUTH is just a deep illusion.  Separation is the division of our human vehicle to TRUTH, our SPIRIT is the bridge between our physical waking everyday reality and the unseen. It is why the spiritual battle has raged for so long and why many re enter this battle repeatedly. The battle is won, eternity cannot be taken from us however we can be persuaded to hand over our victory by denying said victory.

Darkness works from the context of "okay they have not given permission therefore permission is taken", we are in a default spiritual mode  which must be re-activated in TRUTH, from this flows all, everything and any.  We cannot manifest TRUTH when we deny that which sits at a spiritual level.  Let us use an example in order to clarify that which is happening, the old earth construct/matrix is the dividing line on a page, on the top half of the page is eternity,  the human vehicle sits below the dividing line.  We are conditioned to place our focus BELOW the line and in doing so we reject that which we are in TRUTH, we deny therefore we have another view, its like driving a car with no side mirrors,  we have only the rear view mirror and darkness conditions us to keep using this mirror in order to navigate.  We do not even look through the windshield, so focused is the conditioning on the rear view.

Now we are in the above example asked to exit the car, only from exiting the car can we even begin to place said car in context.  We do this through working with our SPIRIT, then we blend the outer context with the inner context in order to form the picture.  Then from this point we allow the SPIRIT to get us back on track.  The ability to move between human vehicle point of view and SPIRIT point of view is hidden to most of humanity who are conditioned that the outer view from SPIRIT is not accessible.   The construct of religion was set up to further push this false teaching.  Keeping Christ on the Cross obscures the view because He did not only go to the Cross HE WENT BEYOND IT. But such is the fear of death and dying that is seeded within humanity that the Cross is where humanity are kept.

Christ died in order that death could be revealed as the lie it is in TRUTH.  ALL ELSE HAS BEEN WOVEN TO HIDE THIS TRUTH.

At this time we are being rerouted, cleansed and cleared in order to align FULLY AND PERMANENTLY with TRUTH in order that we can step from illusion onto the solid ground which is TRUTH.   We are stepping "Beyond the Looking Glass" and exiting the hall of mirrors because in TRUTH there are none, there JUST IS. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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