Moving beyond the perceived boundaries in TRUTH

At this time the outer waking reality has taken on a strange hue as humanity are slowly now beginning to understand that "back to normal" does not exist. The need to step back from humanity at this time is huge and this does not mean that we simply sit and do nothing. There are those who began this journey solidly some have been surrounded whilst other avenues have been flooded with false LIGHT and false FREQUENCY.

Now is the time that we regroup. For those of you who have followed the work of TRUTH Codes since the beginning the feeling of almost being HOME may be overwhelming because we are so close. The infiltration was always to be because it allowed us to hone our skills in FEELING TRUTH as a frequency and we will have had many and varied experience of this over the last few linear years. Now the CORE is finding itself once again and reconnections are now the next phase of this journey.

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