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Moving beyond the PERCEIVED boundaries of humanity in TRUTH

We are now asked to continue our expansion and this is done under full guidance from Archangel Gabriel. As the world now prepares to open we are asked to be still and to allow the frequencies of CHANGE to lift our wings. The repetition of the past linear 3 years is the frequency that we are asked to allow to dissolve fully.

WE ARE asked to allow the movement to push us past where we BELIEVE that we can go in order that we are moved into the safe angelic spaces that exist between the LAYERS of the old earth matrix itself. It is akin to an onion with different layers that interlink, these links are where timelines cross over akin to a lattice effect and where the most dense lower dimensional frequencies exist. Aside these are ARCHANGELIC SAFE SPACES and in order to dissolve the deep ancestral trauma that we have to let go of in order to raise our frequency the Archangels will move us into one of these ARCHANGELIC SAFE SPACES. This allows us to understand the trauma whilst allowing the Archangels to gently dissolve it. It prevents us from stepping back into the trauma and make sure that we do not become STUCK IN THE TIMELINE ONCE MORE.

It is from these spaces that DEEP and PERMANENT HEALING can be accessed and we require to be fully surrendered to the process. As we surrender the Archangel we understand that the initial sting is the salve being applied, the healing ointment that is put upon the wound by the Archangel in preparation for the full healing of the wound.

The Archangels will be most insistent, much like a parent to a child who is perhaps making a fuss over the wound itself, the Archangel will hold us tightly knowing that if we allow the initial ointment to be poured then the healing can begin. Therefore the Archangel may make multiple attempts at pouring said oil over the wound. We are asked to understand that it is in our best interests to allow the Archangel to do its work.



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