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Moving Beyond the VEIL in TRUTH

We are now entering the next phase of the full EVOLUTION in TRUTH process that is fully underway within the dimensional space referenced as "earth". We must now allow that which is now hovering to take root in order that it can be SEEN IN TRUTH and then dissolved. Without allowing a process to fully unfold we are held in place by the ASSUMPTION that will see us then step off the path that we are on. Whilst it is not possible to fail at that which we came here to BE, it is possible to be hijacked, side tracked and blocked in. All of this occurs when we lose patience and decide that there is action to be taken (or not often) and we surrender to our human logical mind and its demands.

We are witnessing the demands of the masses, the human logical mind in full flow, reacting continually and always demanding an outcome to something that it simply does not understand. It is reacting to the conditioning that has been drip fed to humanity over a period of approximately 2000 linear years. That which can be seen within humanity today did not suddenly appear over the last century, the feeding cycle of a race is approximately 2000 years and in this time period the foundation is prepared for the densest harvest which comes at the END of said 2000 year cycle.

This is not to say that there are not mini harvests that occur over this time period. In order to achieve a "perfect" crop the crop has to be tested regularly for quality control and the word control is used deliberately.

So we now must allow the picture to develop and as it does so it will CHANGE DRAMATICALLY. We are fully protected thru our surrender to our deepest heart space thru Christ in TRUTH. We are not protected when we fall to the mass pressure that humanity place upon our human life experience. Not all are within the same frequency ranges, those on the edge are most susceptible and many who have stated that they are a high frequency will now reveal themselves in TRUTH for TRUTH JUST IS.

This is not about frequency, this is about surrender to LOVE in TRUTH. We either surrender or we are in rebellion, there is no middle ground in TRUTH. As the LAST VEIL is now lifted what we are shown will shock many, for others it will burn like acid but we are not here to shelter from the storm, we are here to walk from the storm, to walk in TRUTH and in doing so dissolve all that would have us accept that the storm is part of the human life experience itself.



(c) Karen Doonan

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