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Moving into the expansion beyond in TRUTH

It is often when we feel most contained that we have the biggest break thru and none more so than when we work with the Archangels in order to lift that which we simply cannot see. This blindness comes from the very lineage that we are born into, something usually can only be see if it is observed, but if we are surrounded by those closest to us all displaying the same traits how can we see the patterns that no longer serve?

Well firstly the Archangel will make itself known, we will be guided which Archangel is standing with us thru the use of color, scent and often the angel's name. If you are connected to the Archangel realm and are able to "hear" the whisper of the angels then you may have a name repeated to you over and over, this may be thru song, thru seeing the same name or hearing it in the conversations happening around you. This does one of two things, it validates the Archangel itself and also allows you to understand that you are not "stuck", you are merely being held in a belief and trait pattern that no longer serves. As we are not able to move into expansion that is non TRUTH we cannot move holding on to these traits/beliefs. So the Archangel stands next to us letting us know it has come to aid us.

ALL angel work in TRUTH is done thru our connection to CHRIST, without a connection thru Christ to the angels we will be fooled for many can take an apparent "angel" form who are anything but angels. So in order to validate further we work thru our connection to CHRIST.

It is the highlighting of the traits that helps us, born into a lineage that has a certain reaction to the emotional residue that we build up within our human life experience we are held within the residue until we understand why we did not let it go. ALL residue builds up and appears in the human physical form as "dis-ease" or emotional distress. Once this emotional residue is dissolved then harmony can be restored to the human physical vehicle.

We are often our own "worst enemies" due to the very hidden by highly manipulative linear teachings that sit within the family structure itself. This is coming to the fore at this time so that we can move further into the heart space and move into further expansion.


Karen x

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