It is vital that we understand the different processes that are being gone thru at any one time. In this our human physical form we are conditioned heavily to rely on LINEAR, we

automatically set up our day as soon as we open our eyes to breakfast, lunch, dinner and we

carry this to every part of the human life experience. This works against us at all times

because the cleansing process addresses the debris in TRUTH, this sits out with the linear

context that the human physical vehicle uses.

This means that at any point we may feel like we are somehow going backwards, our human

logical mind may then try to take over stating we have somehow “missed” something or worse are somehow on the wrong path. This is the residue of the conditioning of LOGIC and

LINEAR and we are given the necessary insight into this in order to work deeper with it.

Remember EVERYTHING WE REMOVE AFFECTS ALL. We cannot at this moment reach

the wider picture to the levels that Wider Creation in TRUTH sees at all moments of all

moments. WE ARE a wave form and this will strengthen as we go thru this process, this translates are stronger symbology and validation in the outer waking life experience. We reach the moment where we begin to speak things into creation. This is done by removing all barriers to the CREATION IN TRUTH flowing thru us. It is important to note that we have NO creation rights as this confuses many. Wider Creation in TRUTH simply FLOWS THRU us out into the wider reality around us. We are aligned with it and it becomes our waking everyday life experience.

This takes a while to get used to because we have worked and lived so long in a stasis where

things would reset themselves due to the strongholds that were in force. We have to be

patient as the unfolding begins to flow and we will be held tightly in place in order that we do not allow the flow then simply stop it once more. This makes for a slightly different life

experience and for many of the 144,000 one that will appear to make no sense, until it does.

We are asked to be patient with ourselves during this process and this next phase that we are moving fully into.

It is akin to driving a car the same way day in and day out and then someone pointing out to

us that we can alter the way that we drive the car. We are given a deeper driving experience,

The engine will have increased in its power, the car handles differently. That which has

weighed the car down is removed so we can put our foot on the gas pedal and suddenly we

are moving faster than we remember. It takes some linear time for this to be adjusted to

because we are conditioned to believe that the car cannot handle the way that it does.

At this time we are being briefed during dream time which may for many of the 144,000 result in a deep almost trance like sleep where we are viewing. WE ARE also downloading so we may wake from sleep suddenly understanding that which was a mystery to us prior to going to sleep the night before. If it helps to journal then please do but you may find that you have to create some sort of shorthand to get it all down!

The 144,000 are now being prepared for the next stage which involves FIRST CONTACT for

many of them. The races will now begin to make themselves more known and this will involve placing markers in the outer waking reality. So if you find yourself seeing the same statement over and over again or the same symbol know that you are being contacted. On going in to the deep heart space further information will be granted as you move thru the deep hear space protocols. This is being surrendered IN CHRIST and then access is granted.

The outer waking reality is now going to break down fully for general humanity and this will

see a sort of paranoia take hold fully. The need for those who are in the general human

population to make sense of the intense chaos will be high and instead of a restful end of the lock-down we will see many within humanity simply attempt to remain inside of the internal rules that have been triggered. This allows us to see the locked down vehicles that are to be removed from the dimensional space referenced as ‘earth”.

We can view humanity as cars and some of them are now obsolete, they simply cannot adjust to the new frequencies and nothing can be done to upgrade them. They will be removed in order to give space and momentum to those who can. This is done thru the GRACE of HEAVEN and we have to honor this.

At this time we are being asked to hold on tight, its gonna be some ride and we have only just got started. All is not as it appears to the naked human eyes and we are now going to have a very intense push thru the bandwidth that has attempted to tell us nothing is beyond it.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.

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