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Moving out of darkness into LIGHT in TRUTH

It can never be underestimated the power of the human mind and the manipulation and control that we are subject to when we remain firmly within logic and reason and out of our heart space and connection to Christ.  The world around us is not what our human eyes and ears perceive it as, in this our human form we have many restrictions that are placed upon us SPIRITUALLY that are then manifest in the physical waking realm in which we walk.

ALL that is bound spiritually will manifest as trial and suffering on the physical plane that we exist upon in this our human form.  As we deepen our connection to our Creator YHWY through His Son Christ these chains and bindings will be dissolved, allowing for massive shifts and changes to the human life experience at a very physical everyday human level.  However loosening the chains and dissolving them fully is but part of the process for we have allowed our human logical mind to be in the driving seat and in doing so have begun to side step our own life experience.

At least two younger generations have encompassed the human logical mind to the point that nothing else seems to exist except logic and reason and the suffering that they endure through this spiritual binding is intense.  Mental health problems are a spiritual binding that can only ever be solved first and foremost through a connection to Christ. The human mind when allowed to take over will feed on itself, driving itself into a frenzy and manipulating the human life experience to extremes that cannot be understood. When we do not reach understanding we begin to fragment and this fragmentation is deliberate, for Lucifer knows and understands the workings of humanity.  A human being trapped within the mind is separate fully from our Creator YHWY. The more the human mind "searches" the deeper the entrapment and before long the disconnection will manifest into full blown mania.

At this time the push into the human logical mind is almost continual. We are prompted through social media, through mainstream media and through the emotional debris that we hold on to.  Working to release this must involve Christ in order that we can take respite and find the peace that only Christ can provide as we go through the process of detox from the dark world into which all humanity are initially born.

At this time of year there are many within humanity who are faced with a reality that they simply cannot bear, they will attempt to alter the outer waking reality through the various options of escape that are other than they appear. That one relaxing drink may turn into a habit that cannot be stopped but the realization of the "habit" will always come after the point of apparent no return has been reached.  Weight problems will be addressed from a dietary point of view but the driving force behind the "problem" is always spiritual and always involves the emotional debris from the separation, pain and trauma lived in this human form.

We are given the false story of the serpent tempting eve with the apple.  Its a false story because it plants a seed of reference that is other than it is. Temptation does not resemble temptation, often it will appear as something else with the intention of using the emotional debris to be the tipping point.  Our human logical mind cannot see the vast picture that our actions feed into.  Often we will make decisions in a moment, unable to see that the harsh words that come out of our mouths are like daggers to the recipient, unable to see the damage we also do to ourselves in that one moment. Such is the human life experience that is lived by many it is akin to going on to an invisible battlefield daily.  This battlefield is the illusion that Lucifer presents continually for the war has already been WON, it was WON when Christ went to the Cross and arose.

We have a choice at each moment of each moment and often the choice is to remain still and to trust our Creator YHWY to fulfill His promise to us as His Children.  The clearing process itself is non linear and such is the depth of conditioning in relation to "linear" we will often not interpret the vast change because we are looking in the wrong places for validation. It is at these times that our Creator YHWY will oppose our reactions to the clearing and we may find ourselves almost treading water. This is to allow the debris to fully dissolve in order that a clearer picture can be presented to us and into which we can then make full and permanent movement through.

At this time we are asked to remain on the Rock that IS Christ and to be wary of sudden and intense emotional movement for all is not as is being presented.  There is a narrow way, it IS beneath our feet, the hurricane will abate and the storm will clear. What we will find is that we are not where our human logical mind has convinced us we will be.

The walk out of darkness is one of trust, of deepening faith and one that is walked IN Christ in order that we can be held close as we begin to breathe in TRUTH and accept that our previous experiences in this our human form have dissolved fully for:

John 14:6 (KJV)

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST Kx

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