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Moving out of Death in TRUTH

It is our belief system that holds us in place as we move through the Salvation in TRUTH process.  It is challenging to say the least to "release" belief because our belief system is rooted within our humanity.  As a human physical vehicle we are tied to belief at a deep level and Lucifer works to keep us bound to belief at ever increases depths.  In order to release a belief fully we have to dig out the ROOT of said belief.  Often we will spend extra ordinary amounts of energy dealing with the reflections of said ROOT because the root is so buried within humanity that we simply do not see it.

When we leave this physical human vehicle we leave what is termed an "echo" and there are a myriad of belief systems that spring to life around this.  Humanity have been taught that the "haunting" of places are simply the echoes of those who have lived before and this is not TRUTH.  The entire earth realm itself is an echo of something other than it is, we are bound to death at a very spiritual level due to the heavy and dense conditioning in relation to other realms.  When we die in TRUTH there is NO echo that is left, we simply vacate the human physical vehicle in which we have lived and move on.

However what keeps us bound to this earth reality and within the echo is that which is left behind in those whom we have shared a human physical reality with.  I can relate to this on many levels having lost both my parents, first of all my father in my teens and then my mother in my thirties. That which was left was challenging to move beyond and it has taken a long time to understand the ROOT that was left and which I had to work to remove.

There are many stages of the grief process and we can become locked into any one of them at any time.  This applies to ALL levels of creation and dimensional spaces that we have ever existed within. Humanity in general are conditioned to focus on the present one and again we can lose ourselves in attempting to deal with that which we have experienced in this lifetime.  Our human soul is NOT tethered to our human physical vehicle in the dimensional space in which we exist in this our human life experience, Lucifer tied us into the rawest timelines available, many of them are inter dimensional.  This means that we can seek to address that which we have lost and still remain tied to the illusion that we have dealt with it.

Why did Christ go into death from the Cross?  This is hidden in plain sight. He went into death in order that He could go beyond death, religion unfortunately takes a very literal view of this and teaches that He is in some afterlife that we reach when we also go into death and are somehow placed with Him.  This is more illusion.  Time is not linear and human life is not one dimensional. Christ went into death to untie Himself in order that death could no longer hold Him.  Then He rose again. He could not rise again if He was still tied to death AT ANY DIMENSIONAL LEVEL.  He revealed a path that humanity were gifted by our Creator YHWY and which Lucifer seeks to hide from humanity.

We live in death continually until we untie the ROOT of the human soul and we can only do this walking with Christ because He is the only one who has taken human physical form in order to go beyond death.  We do not surrender to Christ to gain a seat in Heaven, this deep conditioning holds all believers at the Cross, a place where we are continually in death and Lucifer reaps.  The agony that the Cross is remains and manifests through the construct of religion continually. There is no salvation at remaining at the Cross. We do not crucify sin and then somehow rise again, we must address the ROOT of death in order to deny its hold over us.  This TRUTH will be denied by many within humanity due to the strong and continual conditioning that death is the end of the human life experience itself. It never left, we die each day, we suffer separation, pain, trauma and distress just by living within the construct itself.

As we now approach a major shift in humanity and a major shift in understanding within said humanity we are now asked to walk where we fully believe at a human logical level there is no path.

We cannot take anyone with us for this journey is a solo journey with and IN Christ. When we are released from the bondage of everlasting death we do not reincarnate once again in order to somehow go back on the roundabout and spend our entire life experience clearing and cleansing. When we accept our Spirit from our Creator YHWY we move into eternal life. As NO HUMAN EXCEPT CHRIST has ever achieved this, this is the cusp on which we stand.  There is nowhere else for Lucifer to go, his creation has run out of steam and is now devouring itself. Prophesy is NOW in this lifetime because it has been prophesied. No amount of literal translation can reveal this TRUTH, it will occur because it is TRUTH.

The gates are now opening, those called will arrive at said gates and linear time has NOTHING to do with when they arrive for linear time is a construct designed to produce fear and anxiety which stop the process in its tracks.

We are now moving beyond the boundaries that are set to keep humanity chained to a construct that is FINITE. Lucifer has no creation rights, only our Creator YHWY has and this will now be revealed in TRUTH to levels that show TRUTH for TRUTH JUST IS.

DEATH IS NOT THE END, it is the starting point of transformation and said transformation can only ever be achieved by releasing the root of that which has held us forever in the darkness. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST. Kx

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