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Moving out of fear in TRUTH

As we age and grow in this our human form we may find that our fears also grow.  We may step out of the innocence that we felt as a child and begin to take on a sense of unease that we simply cannot shake.  Humanity are conditioned to accept fear as a normal response and yet fear is something that we LEARN.  Anything that we learn can be unlearned and this TRUTH sits hidden in plain view.

Whether it be a fear of water, of people (extreme anxiety), a fear of the unknown etc, all is rooted in something that is not of our Creator YHWY.  We tend to live within the fear construct that manifests from within, many within humanity have shrunk back within their own human life experience accepting that the fear that is within them is somehow to be bowed to.  In order to move beyond our fear we must allow our Creator YHWY to dissolve said fear no matter what it is.

We will find those around us, those closest to us attempt to re root the fear deep within us as we move into the expansion that comes from deep trust and faith in our Creator YHWY through our connection to His Son, Christ. It may seem to many around us that we are somehow detached from "reality" and this may trigger any emotional residue that we carry internally. When we find a hold point, almost like an invisible wall that we feel that we cannot step beyond we are asked to sit in prayer with Christ and ask for the fear to be first of all illuminated, then removed. For we cannot ever remove something that we first of all do not see.

As we age and grow we will find that certain areas of our human life experience generate fear to such an extent that we begin to live in ways that frustrate us but do so to such a degree that we cannot seem to "solve the puzzle".  This non solving is due to the human logical mind and how it works in relation to trauma. Many who have endured deep emotional trauma have it anchored deep within but are unable to let it go for the fear of reliving it.  The human mind works to release trauma in a variety of ways, the first and foremost scenario that the human mind looks for is safety. Victims of emotional trauma will find that when they are in a safe place, when life begins to settle down then the emotional trauma begins to reveal itself. This can be very disorientating and will make very little sense to those around them. They are safe, why are they now acting and responding to something that happened "before".

We do not exist in a linear time-frame, it is simply a construct that we are conditioned to place our human life within.  Those who are suffering from PTSD continue to suffer because it is not understood the need for the human logical mind to find safety prior to release.  The anchoring of PTSD within humanity is deeper than first seen.  We are all suffering to some degree because Lucifer created the reality to give the experience. Therefore in our surrender within the Salvation in TRUTH process we will come to a place where Christ reveals to us our deepest fears.  He does so in order that we can remove the ROOT for all fear comes from a root, it will manifest in a variety of ways and we are conditioned within this human form to address only the symptoms. Much like weeding a garden we require to extract the root in order that something does not grow back.

It is our Creator YHWY who holds us close in this phase of our Salvation in TRUTH, it is His Grace that keeps us safe and secure and it is our choice of whether to hold on to the root believing the lies of the human logical mind that it cannot be pulled out or surrender fully to Christ who can and will remove the root and move us into a full healing phase. It is only with full surrender to and in Christ that we can address this root for it is the anchor that holds the soul in place and in order for our spirit to have free reign within our human vehicle we require to surrender all to Christ.  This cannot be worked out prior to going through the experience hence we must allow our trust in our Creator YHWY to reveal itself.

Isaiah 41:10 (KJV)

Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

When we hold on to fear we become dry and brittle and it will take very little pressure to shatter our human life experience. When we allow Christ to salve our wounds and begin the healing process we become pliable. It is Christ that renews us, we do not renew ourselves because we have surrendered to Christ.  This is a TRUTH that many will deny due to the false surrender that exists within the construct of religion.  We become a new being in Christ because we are IN Him.  It is our surrender that reveals to us the depth of renewal, the depth of healing and the expansion and gift that our surrender offers.

We are never alone, our Creator YHWY loves us and He sent His Son Christ to reveal this TRUTH to us.  It is tempting to hunker down and carry on, after all we may have lived years accepting that we have fear and living around it but this is not TRUTH.  Fear is not of our Creator YHWY, we are asked at this time to sit with Christ and remove any, all and every anchor into Lucifer's world for we are asked to renew our entire human life experience and this is achieved by allowing the process of Salvation to do its work fully, stepping out of our need for control which is simply another conditioning put in place to prevent our reaching of TRUTH.

A butterfly only becomes so because it surrenders to the process that involved it starting as a caterpillar. We are now asked to look up and take our eyes off the ground that we have been chained to for ever. For the time to put on wings and fly is now approaching. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST. Kx

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