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Moving out of Illusion in TRUTH

Born into a construct we cannot use the human logical mind to find the exit that is within us.  The conditioning of the human logical mind is too intense to allow for the movement that is required in order to step onto a new path, a path that the human logical mind continually filters out and rejects.  So deep is the conditioning that humanity has been subject to that the human logical mind will keep us on that which it can reference to the detriment of anything and everything else.

Just as we have been conditioned to accept a reality that is false we have also been conditioned to never fully question said reality.  Many would disagree with this last statement and rush to "prove" that they have spent their entire life "questioning" but the questioning is further illusion when it is driven by the demand placed upon us by the human logical mind for "proof".

LOVE in TRUTH is powerful, it has been denied to humanity through the conditioning that humanity has now moved into defending.  When we are given reference points for "love" we stick to them, and we do so at levels that are breathtaking.  When a human being has a traumatic experience the human logical mind files it away and takes it out when it perceives the same event is about to be experienced again.  This is not TRUTH for a variety of reasons, not least because we can never have exactly the same experience ever. Every experience may be a variation but is not the same. What the human logical mind does is provide the illusion necessary to validate the initial traumatic experience. Thus setting a foundation for the human life experience itself.  This sees humanity trapped within a foundation that it seeks to build from whilst denying the foundation is other than it is.

When Christ walked the earth He was fully denied by humanity, indeed it was humanity that put Him on the Cross. The illusion presented now of course is that humanity accepts Christ, whilst humanity may accept a VERSION of Christ, humanity still denies LOVE in TRUTH.  Great lengths are taken to avoid LOVE in TRUTH by the human logical mind for it does not exist within the mind, only ever the heart space. Such is the control that the human logical mind reaches for it will create various mind-scapes that seek to have humanity reach for the false reference points that are all around us.

John 15:18-27  (KJV) If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

The only reference point in TRUTH is Christ Himself but this can only ever be reached through full surrender of our own humanity to Christ. This sees the Salvation in TRUTH process started and the poison that is the human logical mind begins to show itself.  The hidden judgement, the hidden resentment, the hidden anger, all begin to present themselves and seek to justify themselves at all moments of all moments.  We are not asked to judge those around us, we are not asked to validate them and yet this is what humanity have been conditioned to accept is the human life experience.

Religion divides for it was created to divide, non religion divides for that is its purpose, humanity is divided in general for the entire purpose of Lucifer;s world is to divide, whilst Lucifer provides the illusion the human logical mind seeks to validate it. Many are not looking for LOVE in TRUTH but are looking to validate its denial, looking to validate the reasons that it cannot be.  This is hidden in plain view.

Just as Christ was crucified for being who He is in TRUTH those who have surrendered and are now beginning to fully understand His walk, His Life and His purpose in going to the Cross are now experiencing the backlash that will always be present. For humanity have been conditioned to reject their own creation purpose in favor of the false world that they were born into and which they will now as stated in prophesy defend for the false prophets, the false king and the false beings who seek to keep humanity in the rebellion that they feed from.

At this time we are asked to step out of the war that does not exist in TRUTH and step fully into the shelter of our Creator YHWY through His Son Christ in order that the end of the end of times can now be understood for what it is in TRUTH and that we can now begin to grow and to expand into a reality that is beyond the edges of the conditioning of the human logical mind. To see clearly through the false walls that only exist because the human logical mind says they do. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE. Kx

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