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Moving out of the ABYSS in TRUTH

For as long as humanity has experienced the dimensional space referenced as "earth" there has been polarity. It is polarity that drives the wedge between humanity and all that exists around it. Without polarity "differences' would simply not exist, humanity would be moved into a different way of experiencing that which it does thru the human physical form that it is forced into in this dimensional space.

WE ARE now moving into territory that is beyond our human physical reference points. As with all within the human physical life experience that which is on the very fringes is often denied and often looked upon as something that simply cannot exist. As we now move in frequency and vibration we will be given experience of that which many within humanity will continue to deny exists due to said polarity. It is not TRUTH to remain in this static form and to continue to experience the cycles that humanity are kept tied to.

20/20 has revealed the static cycles and yet still many within humanity cling to polarity and deny their own existence. This is part of the challenge that now faces those who are here to aid humanity in accepting that not only are they not alone but they have been highly contained. It is always a challenge to go beyond the boundaries that the human physical logical mind places before it but as with all experience once that line has been crossed it reveals TRUTH.

WE ARE not here to remain within a hidden boundary, cut off from source and from TRUTH, WE ARE here to move back into wholeness and to dissolve polarity in the process.

For those who can understanding and who are here to take this movement, the time is NOW, this will be validated to you thru that which sits beyond this dimensional space and from whence you originally came.



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