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Moving past "boundaries" in TRUTH

The human life experience is policed internally by our assumption and our conditioned responses to those around us.  It remains a very hidden conditioning until we begin to understand the depth of conditioning that we have been subject to. The first two years of human life are where most of the conditioning is laid down, it is the "foundation" if you will for the human life experience itself. We do not usually remember the first two years of our life but this does not mean that it does not apply to us. It sits at human unconscious waking mind level and drives behaviors that we simply filter out.

We may wonder where our "habits" come from whether this be eating, drinking or social and we can always trace them back to those first two years.  Not having language forces us into the non verbal clues that we tend to ignore when we have mastered language. Such is the power of the family unit (this can be negative or positive) that is sets up an invisible boundary that we then begin to live within. How often do we postpone or question a decision not based on our own needs but how this decision will affect those around us? This self-policing is intensifying at this time and many within humanity may feel as if chaos is everywhere.  This chaos of course has always existed, we simply filtered it out through the conditioning.  It may be widely regarded as "human life" but all human life is subject to huge conditioning. It is the subtle conditioning that reaps the most harvest for Lucifer and is most difficult to see due to the subtleties involved.

Having been immersed in a different culture for the past few years I can clearly see the conditioning within my own "home" culture but this does not mean that because I see it I can simply dissolve it for it is policed and repeated continually by those around me. Indeed I have found the more I try to challenge it the more intense the feedback and the more those around me feel the need to change me to what they perceive I should be.  This is always driven by their need to feel in "control" of the chaos that is being shown in the outer waking reality.

Many at this time will feel this as the outer waking reality presents the illusion of humanity on the edge or brink of massive change. Humanity may cry out for change but said change will always been on the terms of the person experiencing the change. This sees change in TRUTH negated for we cannot experience something new basing said experience on our life experience to date. What we achieve is simply an alternative version of that which we have always lived.

Routine is not our friend, routine is the manifestation of a locked foundation that is set to the old earth and many at this time are trying to establish routines at the expense of those around them.  The only way to address this need for routine is to surrender fully, to allow the routine to dissolve through full surrender to our Creator YHWY. It is not our role to be in full control of our human life experience, this is simply a manifestation of the deep conditioning of Lucifer in the need to curtail the human life experience itself. It is Lucifers way of pulling us into rebellion.

One of the hardest things to do is to surrender, our faith is built on our surrender, faith is not build on rote and ritual and routine, this is more illusion. As we stand on the rock that is Christ and we trust in the process that we are within we will find that life begins to flow and the unexpected becomes the most natural thing in the world. It is this way of living that allows for massive change and shifts. Many within humanity will defend their rebellion to the hilt and yet the answer is always surrender for we are never alone, our Creator YHWY sent His Son, Christ to show us this and to provide for us at all moments.

The first leap of faith is the hardest, the stepping out of the need to control and the detaching from the views of those around us. We have to remember that those around us are also conditioned to keep us within these hidden boundaries.  We are the only ones having our human life experience, all the logic in the world does not change this TRUTH. We are the only ones living our own human life experience and we are the only ones who will stand before our Creator YHWY in judgment when we have passed from this our human form.  Therefore the responsibility for our own human life experience rests with us.

As we can only ever navigate in TRUTH walking with Christ we cannot state that we are surrendered when we are in fear of the reaction of those around us for they are not us,

At this time we are asked to stand firmly on the rock that is Christ and in doing so, expand our faith and trust for TRUTH JUST IS and WE ARE. Kx

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