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Moving past the GATEpost in TRUTH

We are asked in this our human physical form to allow all to unfold and to let go of all that no longer serves us in TRUTH.  We cannot approach this "letting go" from within our human logical mind because our human logical mind does not recognize TRUTH.  So many within humanity THINK they know TRUTH and it is this slight of hand that holds many at this time.

We can only ever understand that which has sought to blind and manipulate us by allowing that which is presented to reveal itself in TRUTH. This happens through the very personal human life experience of why that is revealed as we hand it over.  The more we feel the resistance to address something in our human life experience the closer to the anchor we are standing and it is the anchor that holds us in place through the frequency resonance that said anchor emits. NOTHING ELSE.

We can move house, move relationships, move jobs and still be at the mercy of this spiritual anchor because it simply resets and manifests in a form other than it has before, the anchor however remains and our human logical mind tries to defend the anchor and prevent us from releasing it. It is vital that we understand at this time that we cannot release TRUTH,  if something is TRUTH it will remain.  If it is not TRUTH it will be released and this will come up repeatedly until we begin to understand that which we are being shown is for release.

 Indeed unlike the frequency that is now dissolving, that of the old earth/matrix it will start to become VERY uncomfortable to live with the anchor in place. Many will attempt to address the outer waking reflection but this will only make the discomfort stronger because that which is being presented is not TRUTH and needs to go.

Much like excess baggage has to be released in order that a hot air balloon can go higher in the air there is no option to have the excess baggage remain. The hot air balloon will simply waiver and there comes a point where there is a danger of the balloon crashing if the excess baggage is not released. In human manifestation terms this will manifest as ill health first and foremost, the DIS EASE is the clue that something is within that should not be there and requires to be released. It cannot be released for us, we require to give it permission to be released.

Many will go into overdrive with this at a logical human mind level and simply try to walk around this by stating their permission for all that is not TRUTH to be released. This does NOTHING to change the anchor because understanding requires to be stepped into. It is understanding that which has held us in place that removes it. UNDERSTANDING is a frequency that is resonant with TRUTH and is part of the TRUTH frequency itself.  There are many who are following rote and ritual because it "is what needs to be done", they are not moving in frequency because a bit like sitting in a virtual simulator, they are not actually driving the human vehicle, they are practicing, the simulator looks real but it is not ATTACHED TO WIDER CREATION IN TRUTH.

So they are merely swapping one illusion for another, albeit it is a very powerful illusion it cannot be maintained much longer because all that is not TRUTH will dissolve. It will not simply vanish it will simply become so uncomfortable to exist within that it cannot be lived within.  This will see a mass exodus at a human physical level of the human race with many choosing to leave their physical human form rather than let go of the very illusion that seeks to tell them that they are actually alive.

This is further prophecy and prophecy which has been butchered and corrupted through the construct of all major religions in order to hide this TRUTH.  The "chosen" are not those who cling to the construct of ANY religion because they are blinded to TRUTH. They follow rote and ritual because it is expected, not because it is TRUTH. ALL RELIGION is a work of darkness, a very very clever one but a construct nonetheless.

Hiding of information, misplacing context, slight of hand, changing interpretation of the Word of YHWY,  false teachings, ritual and rote that is demonic in its creation, the list is endless but it is a strong illusion that was designed a very very long time ago.  Humanity are placed in the construct of linear time but NOTHING ELSE IS and that blinds us to that which is the bigger picture. Linear is akin to a magnifying glass, but placing emphasis on one part of a picture fully distorts the ENTIRE PICTURE.

At this time we are moved into the space that we require in order to reach that which we are conditioned to accept is beyond us. Nothing is further from TRUTH because TRUTH JUST IS.  In order to move beyond the gatepost we first have to understand what the gate is and then work to come into alignment WITH IT. From this all else flows, for wider Creation in TRUTH is harmony, a harmony that this dimensional space has worked hard to prevent us from reaching let alone understanding. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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