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Moving the goalposts and the need to leave the FIELD in TRUTH

WE ARE never more blind that at the times that we believe that we can see. This may seem a statement that makes no logical sense and yet it is pertinent to the landscape that we walk thru at this time. The way forward is UP, the way thru is FORWARD and the path is now being illuminated.

For one who has viewed humanity in the context of TRUTH for many decades it is heartening in one way to see so many who appear to be stirring but disheartening in another to see the manipulation that is in play, more so now than at any other time so far in the process.

The way forward is not found within humanity itself for humanity IS the networking of the human consciousness that seeks to find a way to harness an entire species. The way forward is to move UPWARDS, to connect thru the heart space and to have the heart space move into place as the navigation that is required in order to even begin movement.

At this time there are many who are in place who are not aware of their own power, they are unaware of the need to focus and there are many who are under the impression that simply dreaming the way forward is the way to go. The dream has been in existence since humanity were formed therefore to dream is to sleep.

The work of TRUTH Codes will now evolve and expand and it does so because it follows the HEART. For many the need to do actual work on themselves is a step that they are not willing to take. The shouts of "we are awake, guide us" ring in the ears of all who awakened before the masses and is the HOOK that we must now remove ourselves from.

The building of new pathways is done internally, the building of the physical from the etheric now begins for the spiritual pathways are now closing. Many cannot see this and attempt to hide out on some dream "5D" platform that is simply another level to the dream. The physical will change for it was always to be this way, the reaction of a race that has been held hostage was always to reveal itself. We did not come here to indulge in any of it.

There are many who are now tired of the circular activity within a movement that has simply walked round in a huge circle. Over the past couple of decades the same themes arise, with the same interpretations and yet beneath this is a movement that has remained hidden. NO MORE.

The work that is now shared is done from the HEART space and done in service to WIDER CREATION in TRUTH for that is WHERE WE CAME FROM. As with all that is shared to a race that believes it came from a garden with two "humans" the backlash will continue, the arguing of points, the going around in circles trying to provide "evidence" will continue. But in a created dimensional space that was built to provide the housing for a slave race there is only smoke and mirrors.

To those now called thru their heart space the information will now resonate to new levels. PODCASTS, newsletter updates, Q and A's and other shared information will go thru the GOLD CHANNEL and this will increase as the information now FLOODs THRU in TRUTH.

Information is to be processed thru the heart space, not simply fed thru the AI super computer that is human consciousness and this gap will widen. Those still trying to access beyond thru a false gateway will find nothing because there is no longer anything on that plane. It is being removed, this is prophecy and will appear other than it is in TRUTH.

For those who have stayed the course, who have recognized the illusion for what it is is WE salute you, for WE ARE.


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