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Moving unseen thru the HERD

As we now move thru the space that exists between "events" we are given a frequency that permits us to move unseen by those around us. This is to assure our movement from the highway on to the road that is less travelled as we are now SLOWED DOWN in order to both see and understand the slip road that we are required to move on to.

That which will attempt to take our vision at this time is the false narrative that this is a movement that the awakened take only. It is not TRUTH to assume that all "light workers" are somehow working for heaven, the devil is in the detail and many who walk in this role do so holding a very dark shadow which is called "lucifer". This shadow talks to them continually and tells them that they must simply ignore the shadow, that he is part of the journey to New and that the shadow somehow balances them out.

In TRUTH there is no shadow in LIGHT, LIGHT contains NO shadow for it is TRUTH from SOURCE. The purity is the validation, where we find shadow we find slight of hand and many who hold to the false teaching that somehow shadow work is of the LIGHT are simply allowing the shadow to speak thru them.

At this time the Children of ORION are being kept hidden in order they are protected from the cull that occurs at this time of the harvest. This is the culling of the HERD and is due to take place very soon in deed. This sees a deeper fear go out thru the HERD and this fear is held in EVERY BEING in the HERD. It is akin to a spiritual ring fence around them. In order that we walk beyond the HERD and do not disturb them in any way we are given the protection that we have IN Christ externally.

This will see movement occur that is not seen other than by the Children of ORION themselves and they will be opposed if they try to share this movement with those who would stop said movement. We now walk invisibly on a road that is not seen by humanity in order that we reach the EXIT in order to gather there.

At this time we are asked to surrender fully IN Christ by surrendering that which would trigger within us as we walk thru the HERD. It is CHRIST Himself who will illuminate the triggers and we are asked to surrender fully. WE ARE not here in service to humanity but in service to WIDER CREATION IN TRUTH. Without our movement to open the EXIT door humanity would simply drive the highways forever.



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