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Navigating new portals in TRUTH

We are now on the cusp of a new expansion, for those who are within phase two of the ascension to full evolution process you will find yourself in a sort of Vortex where you appear to be held firmly. This is to allow you to understand that the way forward is outward and to keep you from walking pathways that are simply leading back into the Old Earth Matrix once more.

The passageways out of the Old Earth Matrix are hidden and FORBIDDEN to humanity. A highway that is in operation simply leads around in a vast highway of different routes, all taking detours but all leading back INTO the Old Earth Matrix. we are here to evolve which sees us move beyond the PERCEIVED boundaries of said Old Earth Matrix.

It has been many linear years since the arrival of those who are here to awaken humanity thru humanity. Many have tried to break thru the chaos, the sheer noise of this dimensional space and many have tried to place a grain at the feet of humanity. The time of attempting this is now over. Those who have been seeded will now be removed from their CURRENT soil and re potted in order that they can both germinate and grow. It is not TRUTH to assume that there are millions within humanity who are ACTIVE in the next phase of this process.

Many are simply background in fill as the spiritual realm now empties fully and is CLOSED DOWN TO ALL, ANY AND EVERY ENERGY. This has been ignored by many who are currently surfing the main highways, that of "5D energy" and "NESERA". These perceptions and false teachings have gained much traction over the last few years but have been around for a few decades. They appear to make sense and as many are shifting lanes and attempting to bring these illusions to life they appear to be valid highways.

That which prevents them from manifesting is TRUTH, we are not here to move into some other dimension, we are here to evolve into Wider Creation in TRUTH. It is the HUMAN LOGICAL MIND that gives the linear context to these false teachings. "3D" is dense therefore "5D" is lighter is a rational perception and is found only within the human logical mind, it polarizes and as it does so it separates, we are moving into UNITY which can only happen when we dissolve the I AM and blend with the WE ARE of Wider Creation in TRUTH.

World events will now validate the path that those who are here to move into the WE ARE currently walk. These events will push humanity in general past a point of no return, it is called the EVENT HORIZON and is a place that the Old Earth Matrix tries to prevent. With all evolution processes there comes a leap and this leap is aided thru Wider Creation in TRUTH.

For those who are using polarization the ability to navigate will be removed. The highways are now closing, those who are adamant that they are on the super highway to something bright and shiny will find that they simply run out of road. TRUTH JUST IS and is beyond human understanding until we are given physical, everyday experience of that which we are asked to understand.

The coming few linear weeks and even months will be even more "strange" than that which we have experienced in the linear year so far of 2020. For those who are attempting to force a race to remain in stasis this will be a time of major reveal and humanity are NOT ready for the level of reveal that this entails.

We are forewarned there fore we are forearmed. That which we are held in at this time is that which we are asked to navigate thru. The human logical mind says there is nothing in front of us, the heart whispers keep going.

TRUTH JUST IS and now we reach out to Wider Creation in TRUTH and beyond for that which was divided is now uniting in TRUTH.


For further assistance please visit the main websites and listen to the latest TRUTH Codes Bridge Podcasts.


LOVE is the ANSWER, no matter the QUESTION

(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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