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Navigating out of Egypt in TRUTH

We are all blind until our sight is restored and we are all within the chains of darkness until we are released.  Many at this time are struggling to find a way out of the darkness which is getting darker by the day and are seeking help and assistance with that which used to be relatively easy to navigate, namely the human life experience itself. Never before has humanity been subject to so much pain, trauma and separation.  Many within humanity who are old enough to remember a time where the pressure was not so great and the turmoil not so intense are beginning to feel very helpless as they are forced to let go of that which used to be acceptable and are now navigating into strange lands.

It is not for nothing that we have prophecy and it is not for nothing that we have the Word of Creator YHWY.  We are asked to stand on the Word of YHWY, not only in times of distress but in every waking moment. As the division between spirit and Creator has revealed itself the conditioning that seeks to have us ignore this has intensified.  We are conditioned to rely on "self", to cultivate and understand "self" and in doing so we spiritually step further and further from TRUTH and our Creator YHWY.

All that is manifest at a physical everyday waking level is first and foremost on the spiritual plane, so much emphasis is placed on the reality around us and on what our physical eyes can see that we are often blind to this TRUTH.  What we bind on the spiritual cannot manifest in the physical it does not work the other way around.  We do not physically change something at human waking level and expect it to affect the spiritual level because the spiritual level unless surrendered to our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ is a plane that remains hidden to us in this our physical human form.

There are many realms that we are blind to and ALL act upon the physical by altering the spiritual and allowing that which is not to be experienced in this our physical waking reality to access said reality.  Where we find no movement in our outer waking life experience or movement that resets itself we are bound at a spiritual level. The human eyes will accept more often than not the apparent movement and thus the spiritual binding remains hidden. Many within humanity go to extra ordinary lengths to try to force parts of the human life experience, using vast amounts of energy and vast amounts of physical force to make something happen that then resets due to the bindings in place. No amount of physical trying will move it for it is spiritually bound in place.  Lucifer does not have the power that we are conditioned to believe that he has because ALL chains can and will be broken by Christ when we surrender to Him fully but the surrendering is a process for we have to understand the spiritual binding in order to see it clearly.  There is no servitude in unchaining something we do not understand for it was chained for a particular reason.

We are limited in our awareness until we are set free from the limitations and this can only ever be done in the full protection of Christ, Himself. For those who are called out of darkness the initial part of the journey may seem darker than the outer waking world prior to salvation but this is the optical illusion that Lucifer presents and from which our Creator YHWY releases us.

Egypt is a SPIRITUAL REALM that exists beyond the human senses and has to be walked out of in order to achieve full SPIRITUAL FREEDOM in TRUTH, from all else flows TRUTH. The very human and literal translation of the Word of YHWY has sought to enslave humanity who have taken a very literal active response with limited results.  As we now near the end of the end of times, whilst the goats are now separated from the sheep, the pastures for the sheep are being illuminated and the field in which the pasture lies is being fortified for the sheep have as much of a purpose as the shepherd does. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST. Kx

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