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Navigating peace in a hostile world

It can be hugely challenging to maintain pace when faced with the backlash of those who are ignorant of that which is occurring within humanity. We did not incarnate into a species in order to be thanked by said species, indeed in all cases of moving species from their current confinement into ascension to reach full evolution there is a degree of hostility that makes it challenging when we are in this our human physical form. A race that has been kept chained to blasphemy will begin to rationalize said blasphemy and in many cases will begin to defend it because that is all that they know.

If for example we tied a small dog to a rope and kept it on said rope as it grew into an adult dog never letting it roam free at any point we would not expect the dog to be let off the rope and simply thank the person who untied the rope. We would find that attempts to untie the dog from the rope were met with hostility and FEAR from the poor animal that is tied up. Yet many attempt to walk thru humanity berating them for allowing themselves to be at the whims of those who seek to contain them.

The bigger galactic picture is so vast that we cannot often interpret it in the correct context within this human physical form. We must therefore stop trying to wake up those who are in deep pain, those who wish only to rest and those who wish to remain still in the fear that something terrible will occur if they stir further. It is not TRUTH to assume that humanity in general require to wake up to where they are. In the example above of the dog you would not shout at the dog for not untying itself and yet this is what occurs within various constructs within humanity.

At this time we are asked to be gentle in our movements, we are asked to tread lightly and to allow Wider Creation in TRUTH to talk with us and to navigate us beyond the confines of this dimensional space. That which will now unfold within humanity has long been prophesied and amid the chaos and the volume that will begin to reveal itself we are asked to walk silently to the exit point. We do so in full protection of Wider Creation in TRUTH. We do so knowing that our work is only now beginning, that we were here only to witness the end and that in doing so we have fulfilled prophecy also.

As we now take the walk of silence we are reminded of our purpose in TRUTH and we are reminded of the power of the LOVE That IS in TRUTH. A race that has never experienced the true force of LOVE in TRUTH simply cannot understand that which will now unfold is a blessing like no other.



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