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Navigating the causeways in TRUTH

As the frenzy continues it is RELATIVELY easy to get drawn into the chaos and the anxiety which is building each day within the outer waking reality.  It is often dismissed by those most embroiled in the build up and is then doubted by those who can feel the intensity within the "festivities".   In this our human form we are blinded repeatedly by an outer waking picture that represents other than that which is occurring.  So how do we navigate the fear, the anxiety, the stress and division that is now in full swing?

Prayer is an option that many relegate to sitting in a physical church once a week. For those who do not attend a physical service the idea of prayer may be one that they have never entertained. After all the human logical mind dismisses almost all of what it interprets save for that which resonates with the internal reference points it has collected over the human life experience so far.  Prayer is not a static, set in stone practice.  Active prayer is a weapon that is powerful.  It is not for nothing that Lucifer draws humanity away from their Creator YHWY and away from prayer.

Many within humanity would state they have "no time" for such "out dated things" yet prayer is the key.  When we ask for help from our Creator YHWY through prayer then He answers and He will answer often in ways that are breathtaking.  Many within humanity feel the strangulation and the breathlessness that results from the intense conditioning to participate in the "festivities".  Soon there will be all out war on humanity in the build up to an event that comes and goes within a relatively short time frame. Christmas has nothing to do with religion, nothing to do with Christ and nothing to do with being "kind" in TRUTH.  It is a frenzy that is created deliberately to prey on the fears within humanity.

It is not until the middle of January that the full picture is revealed but by that time those who got caught up in the festive mayhem are looking at a completely different picture.  We have a choice at all moments of all moments, to stand on the Rock that is Christ and step out of the pressure, the control and the frenzy that seeks to sweep us off our feet and reap from our internal emotional distress.  When we feel the pressure building we can take time out, to sit in prayer with Christ and ask to be shown that which is truly causing the pressure. We will find ourselves shown the pain that we are asked to hand back to Christ and in the handing back comes the much needed release that enables us to see that which is attempting to manifest.

This applies to all human life situations, whether it pertains to family pressures on relationships, struggles financially, struggles emotionally the list is endless. The pressure to be "perfect" is overwhelming and this is deliberate for darkness presents a picture that is not able to be achieved. None of us are perfect, to be human is not to be perfect yet many will attempt it and in the process relationships are further fractured and in many cases lives are lost as those who are most triggered seek to find a way out of the dark.

There is only one way out of darkness and it is to walk to the Light of TRUTH which is Christ Himself.  It is ironic in many ways that his name is placed at the middle of this period, seeking to have him as the instigator when in TRUTH He is the only savior and redeemer that can help us navigate this period.  We do not require to follow any rote or ritual in our pursuit of navigating the external for rote and ritual hide TRUTH.

It is not TRUTH to attempt to do all of this ourselves for we were never created to be autonomous no matter how strong the "evidence" to the contrary.  This is a time period where humanity are at their most vulnerable and where they are also displaying anything but their own vulnerability.  The more hostile the person the more hurt they are trying to hide from those around them.  Prayer is not just about sitting asking for help for ourselves but for those around us. For more than anything at this time we need the guiding light of Christ, for the world is at its darkest at this time of year, both internally and externally.

Seek the Light for in the Light we can find the peace and the shelter that all within humanity continually search for. It is found within, within our heart space and we need only answer the quiet request for entry by Christ.  Allowing Him into our heart changes everything for nothing is as it appears, all just an optical illusion driven by the internal emotional landscape that remains forever hidden to us until it is illuminated in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST. Kx

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