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Navigating the dead sea in preparation for the open sea

Human language is a hidden key to that which is playing out in the outer waking reality.  We often completely miss that which is trying to reveal itself thru our assumption that our words are randomly used and that our words are just that, words.  Often when we are reaching the deepest part of a stronghold in order for it to be revealed we will find a phrase or context repeating itself and it may have to repeat itself a lot for us to register that we are being spoken to externally by something sitting internally.

We have all been in situations where we begin one conversation and suddenly it develops into that which our human logical mind will file under "weird" or " strange" and yet in that few moments when the conversation was taking place a lot of information was uncovered.  Information is not obvious, it stays hidden between the spaces in sentences, words and context.  TRUTH is always looking for a way to make itself noticed but in a world where we are bound to illusion thru illusion it can be very tricky.

How often can we not see the wood for the trees? the answer is more than we can consciously note and part of the expansion in TRUTH process will see us begin to work with this more.  We will begin to notice the signs and symbols that the universe uses to converse with us and it converses ALL THE TIME.  It is the hidden part of the human life experience that is most routinely hijacked by darkness.  Where it can draw our attention away from a sign and a symbol or even place it in a different context it will do. TRUTH ALWAYS SPEAKS and will find various ways to make itself known.

Looking straight at something is not often the best way to deal with something that comes up for clearing.  We can look at something head on and simply not see it.  View it akin to a person wearing camouflage and standing in a wood, if they stand very still and blend in we will on first glance not see them but if we take our attention to just off center we can often see the outline. Again we will not be able to see them entirely because of the camouflage, what we require to do is to move them to somewhere the camouflage does not hide them, TRUTH always wants to speak but when it is being silenced we have to go to the place we can hear it when it is not being silenced.

Working thru surrender to the entire process we will find that the universe moves that which is trying to hide to somewhere it cannot hide. At this time within the expansion in TRUTH process this is now occurring, this will see us in unfamiliar places with familiar, it is the taking the familiar out of its usual context that reveals it for that which it is in TRUTH.

Humanity are conditioned repeatedly to accept familiarity, we may become familiar with a human life experience and then accept it precisely because it feels so familiar.  We do not have to like it, the feeling that it gives off as of being familiar is enough for it to remain hidden. We do not routinely check familiar, we usually let familiar thru and allow it to endure because it plays into the conditioning that we must have routine and pattern in the human life experience in order for it to make sense.  At this time within the expansion in TRUTH process we may be having some familiar scenarios but they are playing out in unfamiliar territory, this is the jump starting of our voyage from the dead sea (no waves, everything static) to the wide open sea which we require to cross to find new land.  ALL IS SYMBOLIC and must be interpreted at symbolism level in order to work with it.

Symbols bypass the human logical mind and are why they are used so often in the outer waking life experience. We sub and un consciously absorb symbols and they speak a language that goes beyond human language. Darkness uses them all the time but so does TRUTH,  darkness has learned to bend TRUTH in a way that hides it but working at a symbol level kills this dead.   It is human language that is wrapped around symbols that keeps the distortion in place, work directly with symbols at a spiritual level and the human logical mind allows access to levels that are usually denied at even the deepest levels.   This sees a network of hidden doorways able to be accessed that are usually denied to humanity.

Many within humanity are now accessing these hidden walkways that are the pathways BEHIND the old earth matrix/construct itself.  To give a very obvious example, they are the doorways that the door keepers use in the MATRIX films, this is perhaps the easiest example to use.  At an everyday waking life experience level they are not seen but that does not mean they do not exist and they are used by darkness to jump from one place to another. We can access these fully when we reach the correct frequency but we require to work at symbol level as human language is not evolved enough to allow the human logical mind to allow the process and keep its sanity intact.

At this time we are now expanding rapidly and as we do this we are exiting the labyrinth that has been our home and therefore become "familiar".  We will initially just FEEL the shift before we physically experience it but once the shift happens it cannot reset, we do not find ourselves back within the labyrinth because we have collapsed it as we walk. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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