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Navigating the debris in TRUTH

It is at times of deep transition that we may find ourselves swimming thru what feels like debris. This is because as we transition we move thru the ship wreck that we have been tied to. Much like trying to get past a ship wreck we may get pulled to various pieces of the wreck that trigger us once more. It is VITAL that we allow the movement and continue with the transition. If we do not then we become fodder for the sharks that surround all ship wrecks looking for an easy meal.

At this time we are dealing with the fall out and the FALL IN of all that has surrounded this dimensional space referenced as "earth". As things literally drop in front of us we are asked to accept or to move, WE ARE not asked to simply stand in stasis and look because this is a dangerous place to do this. Often we are moved to safety but we start to fight those who have come to aid in our movement. This is because of the dense veils that are placed upon our human eyes and our inability to differentiate between the veils and that which is standing right in front of us.

Shelter is available to those who are now breaking thru the illusion but said shelter is not some 5D dream that is offered as a refuge but in TRUTH is simply a holding pen for those who can see but cannot understand. WE ARE asked to be in balance, this requires movement for as the ship hit the ice berg and went down we lost our balance as the ship was pulled from under us. WE ARE NOT ALONE, we have not been abandoned, we are not floating in some sort of ocean of debris with no assistance.

In this dimensional space the default position for a human being is one of survival, this works against us at this time for we will fight for our right to have free will but it is this very survival mechanism that is being manipulated by those who conditioned us to accept it as TRUTH. In order to come into balance we must surrender whilst being moved and expanded. We do not control the movement nor the expansion, if we do we will be opposed because this is akin to hitting out at the rescue operators themselves.

Just as a drowning man may often attempt to drown those who have come for him we must resist the temptation to thrash about believing that if we do not we will drown.

This is a massive expansion and we are being moved into spaces that will feel very strange indeed for we have been denied permission to enter them until this moment. As we let go we will be given that which we require in order to stabilize our energy and our frequency. This often is very different indeed to that which our mind tells us that we require. At human every day conscious waking level the fall out from the ship wreck can be seen by the walking wounded.

The ship was wrecked because it was off course, it was not wrecked because it was attacked. To navigate the ocean we no longer require any ships at all, for where WE ARE being moved to where there is no ocean so no need of ships.

Humanity are in the throes of the awakening process and may will use very very strange ways of trying to survive, this is part of the process that is now revealed to us. For those who believe that they are awakened those who woke you up now reveal themselves in TRUTH. Once you begin to understand the game that was played in this dimensional space you may want to move make another choice.



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