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Navigating the divisions in TRUTH

We are born into a dimensional space that is divided and separated but which looks like it is united. The conditioning that is laid down within this false reference point creates further fractions and divisions within the human life experience in TRUTH. We can believe for example that we are being inclusive in our human life experience but we are actually being divisive, we can believe that we are being supportive but in TRUTH we are pulling the rug out from under our own feet. Such is the depth of illusion that is presented from the false reference points that we ABSORB from the Old Earth Matrix around us.

At this time we are being given the gift of sight thru the releasing of the hidden veils that have covered our human natural eyes forever. We may not like that which is revealed but we cannot walk any further without understanding that which is presented to us. For many at this time the world is suddenly a much more cruel and unforgiving place but it has always been this way, it is just that this has been kept hidden from us thru said veils.

For many the walk that started as an interest will have taken a much deeper turn. The world of crystals for example has gained many admirers but when the veil is removed as to that which is being used the admiration may begin to falter. The walk that has seen many proclaim themselves "healers" may now take on a new edge as the "healing" is revealed in TRUTH and that which has walked with them reveals itself in TRUTH.

We are approaching the perimeter of that which has sought to bind us to it and as we walk towards it the veils will dissolve because up until a certain frequency bandwidth that which inhabits the Old Earth Matrix can take on any guise it likes, but approaching BACE Camp this ability simply dissolves. View it akin to a force field around the dimensional space that is referenced as "earth".

For many at this time the walk will become something else entirely as those who have been walking with the "enemy" are given the sight to see said "enemy". It is not as simple as many would have you believe, we are not looking for Satan, nor the Devil nor even Lucifer himself, they were outed way back on this walk. What we are being shown now is the depth of the illusion in respect of whom is whom and what their intentions are within the Old Earth Matrix itself.

LOVE can take many forms but LOVE in TRUTH only takes ONE FORM and this is TRUTH, all else is illusion and the last veil that is removed is one that will take the breath away from many within humanity.

At this time we are asked to remain deep within the heart space and understand that LOVE in TRUTH is all that there is, how we have attempted to change this into something else reveals TRUTH to ourselves, without this we simply cannot walk any further for TRUTH JUST IS and WE ARE.


(c) Karen Doonan

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