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Navigating the LOST

Many have understood the separation of the goats and the sheep but have gotten lost in the human logical mind reference points. Symbols are language that transcends the human reference points conditioned within humanity so we are always guided thru symbols when we are navigating that which can be translated to different pictures. This keeps our path way clear and our route intact but many are struggling at this time to look out onto a picture that appears to shift and change rapidly.

Whilst the references are shifting and moving which is part of the entire conditioned response to the world picture at this time, the symbols remain the same. It is when we attempt to place a symbol in the wrong context or concept that we will be opposed until we can look again as it were and process the symbol thru our heart space.

What we are witnessing at this time is the need for humanity to find consolation and a type of comfort in the ritual and routine that is being rolled out within the conditioning that is unfolding. So we will see those who are triggered the most at the deepest fear levels go beyond any logic and reason and hold tight to that which gives them the most perceived comfort. It is important to note that this is not about adhering to any rules at this point in the conditioning, it is a human being seeking comfort when actual comfort is being denied. Humanity at this time are being STARVED of that which makes them human, contact, comfort, love and understanding. This is a deliberate conditioning from those who have kept humanity in slavery and is a cruel but not unseen twist in how they are attempting to maintain their control over humanity.

There have been many different trials and experiments done thru the generations in relation to the giving and withholding of comfort and love to human beings. One experiment that took place in 1944 with 40 new born infants sought to determine what would happen to these infants if all sources of comfort and love was withheld. These babies were given all the nutrients they needed and their needs were met APART from the giving of love and comfort. All of the babies died.

Now we look out on to a world where we are being denied our BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS OF LOVE AND AFFECTION and the trauma responses that are now being expressed are as a result of this. It is vital that we understand that we are walking thru an ocean of tramatized human beings. The trauma response is becoming more and more obvious and is the entire point of the conditioning that is being enforced. Those who are not able to dissolve the fear roots and who hold tight to the ritual and rote that this conditioning demands will go deeper into the trauma.

The lifting of various levels of containment are done to re enforce said trauma. This is akin to having a soldier on the battlefield and taking him off fighting duty only to return him once more. The trauma then fractures and splinters to deeper levels. The psychological warfare that is in full swing must be understood thru the heart space for humanity are NOT the enemy albeit many are becoming the foot soldiers for those who have enslaved humanity.

When interacting with those who are bound to the trauma patterns remain in the heart space at all times. Trying to reason with traumatized human beings is futile, remember they are traumatized and they are reacting from said trauma. Whilst they cannot hear us WE ARE here to walk thru them and beyond. We do not blast them out of the way, crushing them more, we walk lightly, we walk gently and we allow LOVE in TRUTH to flow fully from our heart space out into humanity. This allows for some comfort still to be reached as all human beings react to LOVE in TRUTH. There is a spark that can never go out within each human being albeit it is often difficult to reach.

Reaching it is not necessarily our purpose but we cannot walk thru a traumatized race using the weapons that were used against them in the first place. HEAVEN in TRUTH is opening and the Angelic energies work thru our heart space in order to flood this dimensional space with LOVE in TRUTH in order that the balm that this race needs is presented to them. Often the wounded will die no matter what is done to aid them and many are simply falling on their own swords rather than move into their heart space.

KNOW that those who have left this physical plane are being swept up by HEAVEN in TRUTH in order they NEVER have to go thru the reincarnation cycles ever again.



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