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Navigating the NARROW WAY in the STORM

As we now prepare for fresh NEW frequency to enter the dimensional space referenced as "earth" we require to learn how to navigate as OLD paths begin to dissolve and a NEW path begins to evolve. It is vital that we understand WHY the OLD paths are disintegrating and allow the WINDS of CHANGE to push us to the NEW path that begins to unfold beneath our feet.

Angels are connected to the element of AIR and this brings fresh new life into our human life experience on all levels of Creation in TRUTH. Archangel Gabriel is the lead angel for COMMUNICATION. We live in a reality where there appears to be various ways to communicate but there is opposition, also within the element of AIR. Darkness works to cut off communication. We can view this in a military context (for all angelic energies are ranked as military personnel, they have a purpose, a place and a mission) for an enemy in battle would seek to disrupt the COMMUNICATION lines first and foremost. It can overhear, it can block and it can re -route. This is why we require to be under the protection of the BLOOD of CHRIST, this prevents communication lines from being disrupted.

Part of our journey is to RE-ESTABLISH lines of communication in TRUTH. This allows for deep and transformative healing to begin and to be established. The number one cause of distress within humanity is MIS COMMUNICATION. All separation, all division is born from MIS COMMUNICATION at some level or another. The Archangelic energies work to keep the lines of communication open and FLOWING.

To begin with it may feel a tad scary, when we are used to working only on ourselves and to keep ourselves in balance how on earth do we then expand this out to those around us. The answer is ANGELIC CONNECTION. The Archangels work on behalf of CREATOR in TRUTH and miracles can and will occur when we strengthen our connection to Archangel Gabriel and the communication team that is run by this angel.

It is not enough to ASSUME, assumption is the by product of logic and reason and is used against humanity by darkness. This is a spiritual war that is raging on all levels of Creation but is now appearing in the PHYSICAL REALM in which humanity exist. This is part of prophecy and we are now asked to understand that as the communication is RE ESTABLISHED the picture presented to our human eyes will change and it will change rapidly.

WE ARE asked at this time to sit with the Archangelic energies and listen for in the communication are the KEYS to permanent healing, expansion and TRUTH.



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