Many of you will have noticed at this time that as the energy shifts and you release that there

is a kind of backlash that is then experienced. This is part of the release pattern that allows us to practice standing IN Christ and in doing so ROOT INTO HIM. It is vital that we do not allow ourselves to become washed away by the backlash as the backlash is simply the pouring out of the non TRUTH frequency that was working against us.

View it akin to a plumber who is repairing some pipes in your heating system, he may be

looking for a blockage and find it. On removing the blockage that which has been held in

check and gone STALE then moves and he may find himself with a huge outpouring of gunge as the pipe clears. The plumber knows that this removal of gunge is part of the process of clearing the blockage, he does not therefore pick it up and put it back into the heating system.

He simply allows it to flow and carries on with the repair work that is underway. He may then

mop it up but then he will THROW OUT the rag that he mopped it up with, he does not keep the gunge as a reminder of the clearing of the pipes.

IT IS VITAL THAT WE UNDERSTAND THIS MESSAGE because there are those around us

who are connected to said gunge who will try to have us pick it back up and work with it

again. This is part of the deep conditioning that is being undergone at this time by humanity

in general. We are asked to remain neutral in this by standing firmly IN Christ, HE is our

anchor at this time as the flood gushes around us. If we feel that we may drown then there is

stuff to remove and we do this thru the going into the deep heart space and then working with Christ to see that which needs to be worked with.

Emotions are that which the human race are being denied at this time. The hold on the

visiting of relatives the hold on EXPERIENCING the human life experience is deliberate and it is forcing the debris that lives in all humans to rise to the surface. We have not seen anything yet in respect of the trauma response that is waiting to activate within them. Without an outlet to deal with the debris then they are walking storage tanks for darkness. We have the gift of the connection to SOURCE and we must use this when it is required. We help no one by trying to aid humanity at this point in their process for they would drown us believing that somehow they were helping us. Such is the depth of the veil that is being held onto by humanity at this time. They are attempting to hold the veil together such is the dismay that arises within them and the dawning of TRUTH, in plain terms the denial quotient of humanity is around 90 percent at this time which is massive.

It will work against us to try to move this percentage, this is not our remit, that is the remit of

Christ Himself who is able to transmute and to touch the deep heart space of humanity. We

are asked to focus on the clearing of all, any and every debris that would seek to anchor us

back into that which we are walking out of it.

At any one point in this process we will feel deep opposition, this is due to the intense optical illusion that is being presented by our human eyes. The Gold Skull podcasts help you

understand and work with that which is being asked of at this time.

WE ARE not alone, we are however locked into a reality until we turn the key and open the

door and walk out of it. It has been said repeatedly that we cannot be in service to humanity

and this is often a challenging one as we fall to the illusion that somehow we are betraying

our own family and our own race by standing separate. If we remain locked into the reality

with them then all perish, it is this simple. When we step out of the illusion and go beyond

where we believe that we can walk then miracles happen for we are genetically connected to

our family and to humanity. This is not seen by the naked human eyes and is hidden

repeatedly by darkness that knows that to keep us in limbo holds off that which is prophecy.

As we disconnect and heal then this sends a ripple out across this entire dimensional space.

View this akin to a group of people sitting on a ledge that is crumbling. Someone has to go

get help and then the group are helped if all sit on the ledge and huddle together then all will fall when the ledge collapses. WE ARE those who go for help, we do this thru exiting the

ledge on which our friends, family and colleagues are sitting. If we do not then no help comes to anyone. It is this simple and yet many are still in denial. We cannot walk with them, they cannot walk with us because the picture that is unfolding is so vast. This does not mean we cannot love them, this does not mean we cannot interact with them, this is the polarization that the human logical mind creates, that somehow leaving means we simply close down and walk off, nothing is further from TRUTH but to reach that miracle we have to surrender.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.

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