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Navigating the STORMS of LIFE in TRUTH

As the outer waking reality now begins to dissolve and to become more fluid, the need to understand how we now navigate said outer waking reality now comes into focus.  There has been (and will continue to be) much talk over a "new earth" and yet that which remains hidden in the need to adjust and to move into balance in order to reach and to move within said "new earth".  Many within humanity have fallen to the illusion that somehow the outer waking reality will adjust to THEM and that as they will have more "control" they will somehow "create" their "ideal" life experience.   This is an illusion because it is a variation on that which is conditioned heavily within the old earth construct/matrix.

To experience new we have to move into wider creation in TRUTH which is nothing like that which we have experienced on any level of the old earth construct/matrix.  This of course is out with the parameters of the human logical mind which uses reference points from which to project an assumed outcome and picture.   This is why the logical human mind is fought over so intently.  New has no reference point in TRUTH because the context is so vastly different from the context that we have been placed into within this construct/matrix.

Navigation within the old earth construct/matrix is by using that which is around us in order to assume where we are and then make movement. This is like spinning blindly on the spot, we have no foundation point within the old earth construct/matrix apart from the human physical family line that we are born into and through.  This is not TRUTH because we are born into an already assumed illusion and the family patterning that then is placed within us keeps us tightly bound to said reference point.

In order to move into wider creation in TRUTH we must uproot said anchor point and move into balance with wider creation in TRUTH itself and this is done through opening the heart space and anchoring Christ fully within our heart.  This of course is challenging for many within humanity who have fallen to the illusion presented by the construct of religion in its many and varied forms. Said construct has sought to reference "Christ" and in doing so has provided another false anchor point.   We do not require to adhere to teachings that are created around said false anchor point because they come from the wrong context, they are DESIGNED to anchor us back into the old earth construct/matrix by keeping us at the Cross and in agony.  Christ went to the Cross for ALL sin, not just for some and not for others. He went to the Cross to crucify the entire old earth construct/matrix and in doing so was able to move beyond DEATH which we are conditioned to accept is the only exit point to said old earth construct/matrix.

As humanity are conditioned to fear and to reject death itself this keeps humanity in place by placing death in the wrong context and sees humanity accept death is the death of the physical human vehicle. This allows for the binding to remain and for those who have adhered to this teaching to remain in neutral. Not challenging that which is placed before them because in their "minds" they are going to a better place upon physical death.  This is a lie because what happens is that as they are still bound to the old earth construct/matrix they will be reborn BACK INTO IT. This of course is hidden fully and remains hidden with the construct of religion seeking to blind all who follow said rote and ritual.   Prayer is also neutralized through the construct of religion with prayer defined and controlled by the rules of said construct.

We do not require to adhere to ANY rote or ritual when we work IN CHRIST for CHRIST is TRUTH, the highest frequency that exists and its is being IN Him that we are able to walk through the bindings, strongholds, dominions and crosses that make up this construct but which remain unseen due to the manifestation of their frequency. When we view the outer waking reality as a frequency we see the false anchors, we see that which remains hidden to the naked human eyes.

Christ is not seen physically because He is no longer within this old earth construct/matrix and therefore remains hidden to the naked human eye. That which is beyond the frequency range of the old earth construct/matrix remains hidden due to the way that frequency works to repel and to resonate.  As we move towards the frequency boundaries of this construct we begin to feel this and to experience this fully.  People, places, events and situations begin to dissolve as the frequency resonance dissolves and we are able to reach beyond where we have gone previously. This of course makes no sense to the human logical mind and those who are refusing to dissolve the frequencies will stand and defend to the hilt how impossible this is and yet there are those within humanity who are walking this path, myself included.

It is only through the physical experience of that which is "impossible" that we can even begin to understand how humanity are controlled and manipulated and how we ourselves are conditioned to ignore that which is standing right in front of us.

The outer waking reality will now begin to dissolve even further. It matters not whether the majority of humanity is asleep or not because it is not about numbers of people awake, it is about FREQUENCY. It is all about frequency and TRUTH is the strongest frequency that exists, it is the foundation of wider creation in TRUTH and is gaining in its flow INTO this dimensional space.  It breaks down all that is not TRUTH and begins to send a ripple that is felt by ALL within said dimensional reality.

Many will stand in defense, indeed many will attempt to keep the old earth construct/matrix in place but this is not possible, it will dissolve fully and it will begin to break down more and more rapidly.

At this time we are asked to continue to ignore the message the from our human eyes that tries to tell us that nothing is changing for we can FEEL it and we are given physical evidence of it as we require it. Indeed the illusion will begin to attempt to strengthen itself and this is why we require to remain within our heart space, walking when we are asked to walk and remaining still when told to.  The walk out is not a "seen by human eyes route", it is a route that was created when Christ defied death and stood in TRUTH on the other side of the bridge, the bridge that the old earth construct/matrix denies and has hidden by using the fear of death against a race that it keeps within death. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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