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Navigating the WAVES of emotional turmoil in TRUTH

Updated: May 19

As we now approach the CRESCENDO of the first phase of the emotional outpouring of GRIEF thru humanity we are asked to pause and take a moment to reflect on the journey that we are embarking upon. It is not enough to simply allow the tides to take us for those tides are in turmoil, it is all too easy at this time to get swept up in the emotional reactions of those around us. We can view each person as a glass of water, then view the outpouring of grief as all the glasses being turned over or in some cases simply shattering. The more glasses that surround us the more chance that we will begin to make UNCONSCIOUS MOVES to move away from them. However it is the outpouring that will create the river of CHANGE that we now begin to navigate.

Signs to look for in a glass that is about to shatter:

  1. sudden influx of emotional response that are stronger than usual

  2. emotions beginning to move and shift erratically

  3. a "splintering" of the emotional responses

  4. a bubbling over of emotions that sudden rise to the surface

The collective frequency of grief is building in its momentum and as all frequency seeks to find equilibrium it is vital that we remain within our heart space, this allows for a frequency to counteract the collective one, thus it provides a buffer for us. We will then not suddenly get hurt by shattering glass.

Within the deep heart space we do the work necessary to UPLIFT our frequency so that we rise above the very low level frequency that is seeking to take hold at this time. This is not about side stepping grief nor is it about denying grief, this is about COMPASSION and being able to see that the old frequency has to dissolve and permitting it to do just that without becoming trapped within it.

If we resonate too keenly with the glasses around us all will shatter and in the shattering comes the pain and suffering as the shards of glass begin to cause more wounding. We are not here to go thru a wounding we are here to heal and to rise above the lower dimensional frequencies in order to see and maintain a steady path to the EXIT point.

Ways to cope with this when feeling overwhelmed or an intense feeling of being wounded:

  1. breathe, the breath is the first thing to change when a lower frequency begins to take hold, our breath can begin to get too shallow and too fast, slow the breath down and take deep, long breaths

  2. rest, we can react to lower dimensional frequency in ways that involve a lot of movement as we sense "urgency", "panic" and sense of being overwhelmed, all of this moves us out of the heart space and into survival which is the brain

  3. reflect - often we deny ourselves the opportunity to simply reflect on where we are, where we wish to be and the next move, TRUTH comes from the heart and always involves CALM and GRACE, never speed and urgency

It is vital that we begin to understand the bigger picture but also how we fit into said picture. The outer waking reality as it did over 2 years ago with the "lockdown" has just had a major and permanent shift. Everything will now change and this change may be rapid, that however does not require us to speed up in our reactions but to move with GRACE and the COMPASSION afforded to us thru Creator.



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