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Navigating thru the WALL of GRIEF in TRUTH

For many a this time the self isolation that is "imposed" is a challenge that they are attempting to navigate around. We are heavily conditioned to "do" within the Old Earth Matrix and we have become masters of illusion of deception of SELF. Where we find a pool of emotional residue we are often tempted to ignore it and to try to walk around it. As this is not TRUTH and prevents the healing that must now take place we are opposed fully when we attempt this reaction.

GRIEF is the densest frequency that exists and it is GRIEF that the Old Earth Matrix is founded upon. It comes in many guises and it is the one emotional residue pool that humanity fear they will drown within. We are now faced with the WALL of GRIEF that protects and guards this dimensional space referenced as "earth".

It is not possible to move beyond a frequency bandwidth whilst carrying ANY of the frequency notes of said bandwidth. We are now viewing a race that has come to a standstill attempting to remain in balance whilst ignoring the emotional pool that they are WITHIN. View it as a large swimming pool where we have simply been taught how to swim.

Human language has long disguised this and many at this time feel as if they are drowning. Those who are in deep fear of that which is sweeping the planet are the resonators for that which is being broadcast in a last ditch attempt at holding humanity within a dimensional space that is not TRUTH.

At this time we must look at our own emotional residue in respect of GRIEF. It is layered akin to an onion and is a residue that builds not only when we have experienced the physical death of a loved one. Loss of income, loss of opportunity, loss of relationship, loss of identity, the list is endless but all is a manifestation of the GRIEF frequency bandwidth.

We will now move into a phase that sees humanity begin to turn on one another as they begin to gasp for breath, treading water is a dangerous space to be within. The distractions that the Old Earth Matrix once provided in order to keep the swimmer swimming have been stopped. Treading water is done when swimming is not possible and the only way to exit the swimming pool is to surrender the ENTIRE GRIEF frequency bandwidth.

To aid in this cleansing and clearing and to allow those who are here to move beyond the Wall of GRIEF in TRUTH I am able to provide a FREE channeled meditation to address the BOUNDARIES that are present around the swimming pool itself.

To obtain a copy of this meditation please email me directly via the TRUTH Codes main website with SWIMMING POOL RELEASE in the subject line.

We are asked to remove ourselves from the swimming pool at this time in order to move to PHASE TWO which sees the reduction of the water of the pool with a view to emptying the pool completely.

It is to be noted that attempting to keep those afloat around us is not supported at this time, indeed many are clinging to those who are to leave the swimming pool and holding them so tightly they are almost drowning them. It is not possible to actually drown within the pool for the 144.000 however it is an emotionally unpleasant place to be and clouds the path ahead.



(c) Karen Doonan

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