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New v's improved in TRUTH

It is challenging to understand the full meaning of "new" for we have been conditioned to accepted a false reference point. Often when we talk about something new we are in fact talking about an improved version of something that already exists.  When our Creator YHWY promises us a "new heaven and new earth" He is talking about something we have never ever experienced before.  It is the human logical mind which attempts to place the promise in a context that is out with said promise.  This sees many within humanity attempt to build a framework in order to then live within it, failing to understand that the boundaries that exist are still there, they have simply widened them. Freedom is not about living within tight boundaries, it is always found out with said boundaries but the human logical mind has been conditioned to create scenarios building them inside context and boundaries. For many the pull of the human logical mind is so strong that they simply cannot see the containment that they have stepped into by following logic. Logic has no place in wider creation for wider creation defies logic, just as LOVE in TRUTH defies logic.

The human logical mind cannot process LOVE for LOVE is not a list of reason or a context, LOVE is a frequency and something that has to be felt in order to understand it. No amount of trying to explain about LOVE will cause us to experience it through our human logical mind, always we have to have the very physical experience of it flowing through our heart space. The neutralization of humanity is happening through the forcing of humanity into their human logical mind.  When something appears not to make "logical sense" many will simply dismiss it. Indeed the human logical mind will grow stronger and attempt to enforce more boundaries the more "free reign" it is given.

For many within humanity "knowledge is power" but who's power? it is certainly not our Creator YHWY who warned us very clearly about knowledge and relying on our own understanding of said knowledge. We can know all there is to know about a subject but if we have never interacted physically with said subject we actually understand nothing.  Winning "who wants to be a millionaire" is simply listing details, no understanding of the actual subjects involved are required.  Not for nothing are humanity pushed into doing "brain training", strengthening the human logical mind in the process, teaching it to further look for patterns, for clues and for answers that are placed where they are placed to validate the human logical mind itself. It is the labrynth that contains the beast, for the beast controls the labrynth in TRUTH.

When Christ tells us that we will become a new creation many fall to the false doctrine that somehow they will be increased in their human life experience. They will become a shinier, happier, BETTER version of who they were prior to surrendering to Christ. This is false and deliberate conditioning by Lucifer in order to prevent the actual death of the old and the birth of the new.  It is only by allowing Christ to reveal to us internally that which has made us as we were, that which we had to repent from in order to be saved that we can move into the new.  We cannot continue in the ways that we have lived prior to surrender to Christ for that was who we became walking within Lucifer's world.

In order for Christ to bring us into the new we have to surrender who we THINK we are, who we BELIEVED we were and even the reason that we are alive. For it is our Creator YHWY Himself that knows our purpose and how we can now walk in the purpose we were originally created for. This is not the same as the reason we were born, we were born into Lucifer's world for up until the new one is birthed there was no other option. Christ was born into Lucifer's world, coming into human form to show that Lucifer's world was evil, that it could be walked out of. Christ came to create the pathway OUT of Lucifer's world. To remain a shinier, better version of who we were in that world does not see us leave Lucifer's world,  but simply adapt and remain. At this time we are being asked to surrender fully to the process of Salvation in TRUTH for Christ told us: Matthew 10:34 (KJV) Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword

The false doctrine of the construct of religion would have us believe that if we all surrender to Christ then we will somehow have world peace.  Christ did not come to bring peace but to show TRUTH. The road to TRUTH is not peaceful for Lucifer denies TRUTH and will seek to hide and distract at all moments of all moments.

The war that rages is not for us to take part in, when we feel pulled into the spiritual war that rages we simply surrender fully to Christ through Prayer, stating very clearly in our prayers that we are enforcing our Victory in Christ through Christ. The war is already won, those who engage in spiritual war are those who seek to somehow take on darkness and to feed their own ego. Darkness cannot be seen by the human eye alone and without Christ's Victory on the Cross there is no protection to be had at all. The false doctrine of the construct of religion seeks to convince followers they are all "under the blood" and therefore somehow immune from darkness.

Lucifer knows God's children and he will continually seek to pull them into something they are protected from fully through their surrender to Christ.  There is no such thing as peace in the End of Times except that which is found deep within the heart space. To reach this peace we must step out of the continual war of words that humanity has simply been trained to take part in.  TRUTH needs no defense for it remains, what can and will change is our perception and understanding of TRUTH itself.

It is now time to stand firmly on the Rock that is Christ and enforce the Victory that He won, letting go fully of the need to explain, to defend and to somehow prove. ALL ARE TOOLS OF SATAN in order to place the seeds of doubt within the human logical mind. We are not attacked so much from an external source but from within our own human bodies, for our human logical mind is aligned fully with the world we are born into until it to is renewed:Romans 2:2 (KJV) And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God

Those who are within the Salvation in TRUTH process will hit an impasse often when the human logical mind will attempt to validate itself and start to attempt to alter and to reshape the meaning of the Word of God. It will seek to validate holding on to all parts of self trying to teach us that somehow we are no longer what we are and that life will not work any more. This is the conditioning that Lucifer put in place knowing that the challenge would slow down and distract God's Children in the process.  We will continually be shown TRUTH, continually be validated as walking the narrow way when we let go of the need to know "how", "why" and "when".

We are asked to trust the process, to trust our Creator YHWY and to trust Christ fully for without trust there is no faith and works without faith is simply more death. Kx

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