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NEXUS thru to expansion in TRUTH

WE ARE at this time experiencing the movement thru the NEXUS Point and as we have this experience we are gathering the fragments in order to surrender them to Christ. As we do this we form a PICTURE that is no longer fractured, it is a bit like pulling a picture into focus, that which we thought or believed was the picture is perhaps not. This way of working with energy is perhaps a bit tricky for we are looking to form the picture and then step thru it into beyond.

Many will get stuck at the picture itself for it is a picture that has attempted to allude us for our entire human life experiences. It is beyond this picture that we step because we are to step THRU and into the new earth. The picture may feel a bit like gazing into the past because we have been stuck in lower dimensional energy ripples for our entire human life experience. Now we rise and as we rise we expand and then step BEYOND thru the picture into the higher realms of existence.

That which has tried to link /bond us to the trauma of those around us and kept us in infinity loops will also break as we work with the Archangels and Christ and the movement at times may be breath taking. It is part of the work now to understand who we are and where we sit in the higher realms. Always protected and always revealing more and more thru our deep heart space this is a magickal part of our journey.

Often those who have tried to stop us have done so with the intentions that have remained hidden to us, this veil is now lifted as we begin to understand the pain of humanity and why we must remove the trauma bonding in order to aid ALL in TRUTH. It is a time of mass revelation, of understanding the loops and the turns that our human life experience has created in its unfolding but also a journey thru which we now LEAVE the trauma ripples.

This is akin to moving beyond the echoes of all past experience, we move now more fully as ONE and this may be felt in the dream time landscapes where familiar faces may now appear. WE ARE ONE in TRUTH, an ocean that had to be poured into separate human physical vehicles but an energy that now reforms itself in order to reveal more in TRUTH.


Karen x

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