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NOT all roads lead anywhere, some are roundabouts with no exits

Updated: May 19

WE ARE at this time asked to understand the ROAD that we have taken and HOW we got here. It is one thing to focus on that which is coming towards us, but we must understand WHERE WE ARE in order to understand WHY WE ARE at this time. The human life experience is but a series of tiny decisions that unfold into life experiences. The old earth has spent a considerable amount of time teaching humanity that choices are their own whilst hiding that a choice of with or without milk is not a choice per se, it is part of the choice. Let us use a clearer example, take a cup of coffee, now we can have the coffee with or without milk or a milk substitute, we can change the coffee beans, have the coffee with or without the caffeine but when the choice involves coffee (in this example) a choice has been made for us that we are not even aware of.

It is the understanding of the assumed choice that we have to move into at this time because we are preconditioned to accept that which we have not chosen, the choice is hidden behind the frequency bandwidths that are aligned with unconsciously. This hidden conditioning is our family patterning. We may think that we have identified "family patterning" but it goes much deeper than this because we are WITHIN IT until we can step to one side and VIEW IT. It is akin to being a passenger in a car that is moving. We can become more and more aware of the scenery, and we can change the route that we take thru said scenery but if we are the passengers who is driving the actual car? why is the car travelling at the speed that it is and what happens if the car itself requires to be upgraded or swapped out?

In order for our SPIRIT to be completely aligned in TRUTH within our human physical vehicle we need to become aware of the PRE-SETS that are in use within the human physical vehicle itself. It is our DNA that is active when we arrive within our human physical vehicle, this unconscious programming is already activated, we are now moving to understand what it contains in order to fine tune and to realign it with TRUTH.


Karen x

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