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Obsidian is a powerful tool in our "toolbox", it is a crystal that reveals that which remains hidden to us. As it is created by lava hitting cool water it reveals to us that which is hidden within our emotional "ocean" and that which now has to be solidified in order to be removed. We can view the solidification as the emotion/frequency moving thru to our conscious waking mind and coming into "form". Remember we cannot remove/heal something that we remain blind to.

The Crystal Kingdom blesses us with this crystal knowing that those who go deep into their heart space will begin to understand the message as they work closely with the Archangels. The Archangel who works with OBSIDIAN as a KEY ANGEL is Raphael. This Archangel will help hold us in GRACE as we begin to identify the emotional responses that have held us in patterns of behavior that no longer serve. In identifying these patterns we can address family lineage patterning, weight issues, relationship issues, the list is endless. It is from the point of identification that we can then take the necessary steps to change our behavior whilst healing fully from the separation, division and trauma that our behavior can have us "locked into".

This crystal is a ROOT crystal and as such is one of the base crystals for our spiritual toolkit. This crystal will work to rebalance and to allow our magnetic resonance to be restored in TRUTH.



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