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One plus one equates to three

As we are now moved into the dimensional clearing and cleansing space in order to prepare for movement beyond the dimensional space that is accepted as "earth" by the majority of humanity we are given the necessary understanding through personal physical experience of the last set of veils being lifted.

All is veiled until said veils are removed and as prophecy clearly states ALL of humanity will experience said lifting of veils.  For many the attempts to place the veils back over that which they simply cannot accept is an ongoing process, a process that can never ever be achieved because TRUTH JUST IS.  Just because we cannot accept something that is revealed to us does not make it non TRUTH, it says more about the frequency that we are holding on to when this is revealed and it is revealed in order to be dissolved, we are not being gifted the removing of the veils in order to remain in horror, shock nor trauma.

In order to understand where we are and when we are we require to have the actual place illuminated. It makes no sense for example to navigate from spot X when in TRUTH we are actually at spot A, we would simply get more and more lost. So accepting where we are and when we are is the first part of a process that is designed to move us from the dimensional space accepted as "earth" and moved into the dimensional decontamination space that allows us to be cleansed from the toxicity of said dimensional space.

Much like we would go through a decontamination process if we had been exposed to toxic waste we are now undergoing this on all levels of our being. The toxicity in respect of the old earth construct/matrix is of course emotional. We have all had the experience of emotional toxicity and such is the level of emotional toxicity within humanity in the old earth construct/matrix that numbness and total detachment is now manifesting as a way to deal with said toxicity.  Many within humanity have simply stepped out of their own humanity believing the lies that are presented as "options" that promise but cannot deliver release from the pain and trauma that said emotional toxicity produce.

At this time we are asked to remain in the quarantine spiritually that is gifted to us as we now decontaminate to the very base levels of our human physical vehicle for this toxicity has been implanted within our DNA/RNA and requires to be cleansed fully. We are placed in spiritual quarantine for our own protection for the defensive shields if you will of the human physical vehicle require to be removed for cleaning and cleansing. This sees us very vulnerable at a human waking everyday level and there is no servitude in endangering the human physical vehicle at any level for it is the housing of our SPIRIT in TRUTH.

How long we remain in spiritual quarantine depends on the toxicity accumulated within the human physical vehicle itself and the resulting clearing and cleansing of all, any and every toxic residue.  At this time the process is being denied by many and by all who are the harvester vessels for darkness. Where we find intense friction within family relationships we will find the fight for the toxicity to remain and as we surrender to the cleansing and clearing process this will be negated. It may still ignite in those around us but will wash clear of us, unable to find a container in which to store said toxicity.

This is a tense time for those who have incarnated to release that which is to be released prior to movement out of the old earth construct/matrix and the need for the majority of humanity to attempt to prevent this is growing but this is born out of a misunderstanding of that which is actually occurring within this dimensional space. We are not somehow restructuring or repairing said dimensional space, it is being dissolved and it will be fully removed from all existence, on all, every and any level of creation.  Working with this context is to move into understanding, denial will keep many locked within a construct that is set for full destruction because it is not TRUTH. It is the dimensional prison that humanity have been conditioned to call "home" and in doing so have kept themselves imprisoned and separate from wider creation in TRUTH.

At this time we are asked to remain in the surrender and to accept the quarantine placed upon us for this process is part of the expansion into TRUTH and this will be validated as we go through said process. In very human plain terms the wizard will now be revealed for the puppet master he is in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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