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Opening the GATEWAY to the NEW in TRUTH

We are conditioned repeatedly to use the navigation tools and protocols that the Old Earth Matrix provides humanity. These serve to navigate only the routes that are seen by the human naked eyes and are backed up the reference points held in the human logical mind. So we see a "route" to move forward in our human life experience and as this is an "accepted" route within our family lineage we then use the tools that were given to us to navigate said route. Take for example a route that involves learning, we may been born into a family where the parents were well educated and have formal qualifications. They will pass on the tools that they used to navigate this route to their offspring and the offspring will then adapt said tools to what they require. So we see families where university education is seen as the "route" to the next phase of the human life experience.

This can be used in many examples, where perhaps the father of the family perhaps joined the military and then the son and / or daughter then used this route to navigate thru the human life experience, there are many are varied routes that are passed thru the family lineage. That which is hidden within this route is the alternative routes that are simply not seen. A family lineage that keeps to well navigated routes will see these routes begin to deepen, they become "ENTRENCHED". This will see an "expectation" begin to be birthed thru family lineage and so the son and /or daughter of a family may feel they are "expected" to follow a certain route and may find that the expectation is so strong that other routes are then closed to them. This does not mean that they do not wish to explore the other routes, just that it appears that such disappointment would ensue that the route is willingly given up. This sows seeds of regret, despair and resentment that if not removed will build up and will be passed down thru the generations.

In order to navigate beyond the established routes in the Old Earth Matrix we have to look deep within and become more honest with ourselves. We must begin to look at the dreams that we have and have had since we birthed into this dimensional space. What prevents us from achieving these? is it really that "this boat already sailed" or is it that we have been standing on the wrong jetty, expecting a boat to be there that is not there not because it does not exist but because we got lost en route and ended up at the wrong jetty? The Old Earth Matrix has a deciding hand in the route planning and will always work to have us end up at where IT NEEDS US TO BE in order to reap the emotional distress from us. Many are simply standing on the wrong jetty believing that they have done something wrong and they are some sort of failure when in TRUTH they simply were given the incorrect tools from which to navigate.

At this time we are asked to re assess the toolbox that we carry deep within us and to hand over the tools that no longer serve in order that we can accept new more accurate tools that will serve us. This is done in conversation with Christ thru the heart space. We are asked to hand back all that was handed down to us because we often assume because someone else successfully used the tool that the failure is us, it is not, tools are tools, they just are but in order for us to move thru the new gateway we have to be in TRUTH, If there is no currency of TRUTH then the tool cannot be used no matter how hard we try to use it.

TRUTH JUST IS and now we are given very physical understanding of this. For assistance in removing tools and indeed even identifying them in some scenarios you may wish to book a one to one session that gets to the very root of the issue at hand. Please click here for further information.



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