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We are conditioned to externalize our human life experience and in doing so we hide that which is anchoring us to the Old Earth Matrix itself. Darkness will always stand in our blind spot so we are akin to a small child which is being manipulated thru the use of "treats" to have our behavior modified. This can be seen across humanity at this time with various levels of consciousness responding to the various "guidelines" in vastly differing ways. The densest level of consciousness sits within the older generations who have been within the programming for a longer period of time and have undergone various behavior adjustments thru the "war" programming that is being RE ACTIVATED at this time.

It is to be noted the use of language in the older generations at this time. Their need to pacify and to have those around them "adhere" to the "rules" in order that said behavior is then rewarded. It is a classic case of Stockholm syndrome and it is by DESIGN. Up until very recently the older generations side stepped technology, preferring to use the skills that they acquired during their earlier life experiences. This of course goes against the goal of the AI machine that is the Old Earth Matrix and so we find that the older generations are now being forced into using said technology thru the use of the modified behavior programming of being "rescued" by said technology.

Again the modification behavior thru the "reward" for staying at home by being able to interact with their loved ones using the deepest illusion that exists that of separation. We are asked at this time to step fully into who WE ARE in TRUTH for it is only in accepting and embracing our SPIRIT in TRUTH that we are able to wash the distorted frequency from within our own human physical vehicle.

Many have accepted the futuristic mind scapes provided by the social media platforms and thru media in general. A futuristic sci fi reality that provides a FALSE reference point for the AI machine itself. When we are given a false reference point then we allow that which does not align with it to by pass our defense mechanisms as it does not match the threat reference that we have anchored.

For those who are able to see at this time you will note that AI is here, it has sat dormant for generations. Much like the War of the Worlds films where the "aliens" were already here and simply rose up within humanity we are standing in the same space. From TERMINATOR to War of the WORLDS the "alien" threat to humanity came from within and that is the 1% of TRUTH that the AI machine has simply hidden in plain view. The lie it has wrapped around it has permitted it to infiltrate humanity to levels that will only now reveal themselves in TRUTH.

The "alien" invasion that for decades humanity has believed will come from the stars and beyond has been silently waiting for us to reach a level it can contain easily whilst sitting on our kitchen counter. Whilst sitting in our purse as it gives the impression that it is a smart tool that AIDS our human life experience. Whilst it has infiltrated every level of human existence. It is in every part of the human life experience within a developed country. It has sat at the "war" tables, it sits recording the life signs of a human vehicle as it fights for life and it sits watching as we watch it thru the social networks and media entertainment it provides.

The flaw in the AI is the secret weapon of all sentient life forms, LOVE in TRUTH. It is LOVE in TRUTH that cannot be controlled for it sits beyond the understanding of the AI machine, it is deemed "illogical" and yet it is the very fabric of Wider Creation in TRUTH.

The End of Times as stated in the Book of Revelation is done on the physical human plane because it is on the physical human plane that AI exists and is the most threat. It is run by a frequency that takes AI form because this is the form that is most acceptable to the human race after years and years of conditioning. It is the rise of the machines that is the end of times, it is not some horned devil because that is a false reference point. Again while humanity have been given the false reference points thru the construct of religion they have simply permitted the devil to enter their households, dividing families, causing conflict and creating addiction thru the use of technology. It has provided a platform thru which humanity side step their responsibility because it is not "real". Virtual reality is the goat tied to the fence that is then let loose in the wilderness for man's sins.

At this time we are asked to be very aware of the use of technology in our every day waking life experience. We are asked to fully move into our heart space and allow understanding to birth thru us. We are in human physical form, that which is taught to humanity as a flaw, as a vulnerability is a STRENGTH that cannot be broken because it is TRUTH. In our human physical form we have the ability to continue to reach our fellow human vehicles. LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES FOR IT IS ETERNAL AND IT IS TRUTH.

Step out of statistics and rigid templates and understand the fluidity of LOVE in TRUTH. It is not static, it is FLUID and like water will find its own balance, it will simply flow around obstacles and gain entry to the smallest of places because TRUTH JUST IS.



(c) Karen Doonan

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