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Oppression V's Re-direction in TRUTH

At any one moment in this our human life experience we can feel under immense pressure. For those who have surrendered to Christ this is intense as the first steps to the Salvation in TRUTH process are often hampered by darkness which attempts to prevent the first steps being taken.  Many who begin their walk towards the Salvation in TRUTH process will find that they begin to encounter various "set backs" and "interference" from various non obvious sources. The feeling of pressure builds which of course then triggers the human logical mind and the conditioning that seeks to release said pressure through various physical action. SURRENDER IS AN ACTION, surrender is not doing nothing, it is actively releasing the need to take action that is not TRUTH.

We will often be opposed by our Creator YHWY Himself and this is often mistaken for other than it is in TRUTH. When we find ourselves stopped in our tracks we must begin the dialogue with our Creator YHWY through prayer.  Often we have fallen to the human logical mind and its demands for a course of action. This will of course release the pressure but it is illusion for the pressure is the result of the conflict that exists INTERNALLY between human will and our Creator YHWY's will.  When we surrender to Him through His Son, Christ we may feel initially anxious but surrender is what we build our faith in TRUTH upon. Without crossing our human will we cannot even begin to understand the manipulation of human will itself by Lucifer.

Freedom of choice is simply various ways in which to walk unhindered within a world that was created by Lucifer and reaped and harvest BY Lucifer. Those who seem to glide through the outer waking life experience without any obvious oppression are often those who have fallen to the illusion fully and remain within the tight boundaries that Lucifer has created within HIS WORLD. These boundaries are all in relation to the SELF, with many within humanity so focused on self and preservation that they simply cannot see the bigger picture and this of course is the exact reason that Lucifer does not interfere. Self preservation and self reflection is what Lucifer uses in order to blind humanity.

Surrender is the active process of releasing the conditioning that sees us place our value above those around us. It sees us try to work out the human life experience and in doing so disconnect from our Creation purpose in TRUTH. As we begin to wander off the narrow path then more and more opportunities are often placed in front of us and all will have the root of SELF somewhere within.

Again I would remind that when we pass from this mortal coil and return to spirit we are placed before our Creator YHWY for judgment.  It is our personal responsibility for all that we do in this our human form. We cannot hide behind "sorry God, I simply didnt realize that this was sinning" for our Creator YHWY sees within our heart space. We may use Lucifer's intense conditioning to rationalize our human life experience but rationalization is not TRUTH it is simply the logical conclusion that the human mind reaches when analyzing a picture that is presented. TRUTH has nothing whatsoever to do with rationalization.

At this time we are beyond the tipping point with humanity now in self preservation to new levels. Hostility is rising, aggression is prevalent, manners have gone out the window and the disintegration of our humanity is fully underway.  The plea that many use is "what else can we do, its a fight for survival" this very telling phrase sums up LUCIFERS WORLD, for survival is of the self, survival is what we are presented with when we disconnect from our Creator YHWY and fall to the very deep illusion that we are here and somehow have to make our way through this human life experience as best we can. This is the lie that Lucifer presents every moment to all who will listen.

We have a choice, to accept or to challenge, to surrender or to continue to drown, the choice is PERSONAL and no one can make this choice for us. By "not choosing" we are choosing for there is in TRUTH no fence to sit on. Many fall to the illusion that simply floating along somehow absolves them of the responsibility and this is not TRUTH. We are responsible whether we accept this or not for TRUTH JUST IS regardless of what we believe or not believe.

At this time we are asked to remain fully in our surrender to Christ, to have humility, to choose love over hate, to disconnect from the rolling stone that is gathering moment and is called SELF for it is on one path only and that is of destruction.  In order to live we have to die to SELF for it is SELF that believes that somehow we do not require anything other than "more".  It is the raging tiger that demands to be fed internally and it will seek to devour all within its path. TRUTH JUST IS and WE ARE IN CHRIST Kx

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