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ORION and the full surrender of GRIEF in TRUTH

For those who are here and who are now facing the physical manifestation of a race that has been held in the chains of GRIEF the outpouring of dense emotion will be no surprise. That which has been anchored within the DNA/RNA of the human physical vehicle had to be revealed in order TRUTH can be both seen and worked with. The various star systems that have incarnated into the physical plane in order to aid humanity in their suffering are now being revealed.

ORION has played it part has had EVERY star system, whether it has been revealed to humanity or is still waiting in the wings to be revealed. Lower dimensional BEings are now lining up to surrender their weapons in the face of TRUTH and we must now follow suit.

It is not our role to hold on to the banner of "logic and reason" any further. For an ORION star seed or an ORION incarnate the power and pull of "logic and reason" is immense, a star system that has amassed strength in their use of spiritual technology is one that was always to walk a very very fine line and the lower dimensional BEings crossed said line.

Creator is now opening the gates for the return of those who have lost their way in the WAR that was infinite but which is now being surrendered in TRUTH. It is from this moment that TRUTH begins to anchor across all time and space and in doing so will being to heal the rift that has sought to separate humanity from the rest of Creation in TRUTH.

Humanity became the bystanders to a war that was nothing whatsoever to do with them but which has seen them imprisoned thru the use of that which is not permitted beyond the perimeter of this dimensional space referenced as "earth".

IT IS NOW that we lay down our grief, our separation, our division, our pain and our trauma and in doing so we pick up the greatest weapon of ALL, that of LOVE in TRUTH. It is LOVE in TRUTH that prevails for in TRUTH LOVE is ALL that there IS.



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