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As we now move further into the higher energy bandwidths our direction, our focus and our human life experience will now begin to change and to expand. For those who have followed the work of myself and TRUTH Codes the navigation points are now illuminating. I have long worked to release the emotional debris that is prevalent within humanity as a whole. now the work that is brought thru is to help the 144,000 who have birthed from ORION into humanity navigate the way home.

Navigation is done thru the transmissions that are sent as frequency bandwidths. ALL is frequency and vibration which is now being understood to new expanded levels within humanity as a whole and within the 144,000 as a foundation. There are many levels of transmissions that are sent out across the dimensional space that is referenced as "earth". Humanity do not live in a "solid" dimension despite that which our human eyes tell us. By altering frequency we can and do experience a change to the human life experience.

As the human physical vehicle now adapts to the new higher frequencies there are certain issues that will arise within the human life experiences of the 144,000. Personal experience has seen me move into the understanding of how this works despite humanity in general clinging on to the false conditioning that sees "this is it, it will never change, we best get on with it" being used as a defense. Nothing is in stone, it can and is all fluid when we let go of that which binds us to an experience. Those who have found that they have addressed the root of their life experience have found themselves moving beyond what those around them tell them they can and they have seen relationships repaired, circumstances radically alter and life taking on new meaning and new understanding.

It is a challenge because we live in a reality that is affected by the frequencies of that which is around us as much as that which is within us. We resonate to the frequency that we emit but this is hidden by the human logical mind which tells us that this is what is happening and hides what is running underneath. At this time we are preparing to move into the next transmission level. When we clear a frequency bandwidth life begins to get so much clearer. We begin to understand the paths that we have walked, we begin to understand why we made certain movement and decisions and we gain a clarity that is denied to us when we remain in situ.

ORION is the portal which in lay mans terms is the bandwidth frequencies that give us clarity, that aid us in living more enriching lives, that allow us to interact with humanity to deeper levels, which sees communication issues resolved at the everyday waking human levels. It allows us to be more loving, more giving and more understanding human beings. The entire point of this evolution process is not to somehow get somewhere glorious that nothing bad happens but to understand that letting go of the conditioning allows us to become more loving and understanding.

The human life experience has become for many a walking nightmare, with trauma, misunderstanding and separation an almost daily experience. It has seen humanity believe that they are alone and unloved and nothing is further from TRUTH. But in order to evolve into a more loving, more understanding and more unified race we have to do the inner work. We don't just plod on, we are given help and assistance at each moment but we have to tune in to the correct radio station as it were to access this frequency. It does not involve some new age mumbo jumbo where we surround ourselves with crystals and reject our fellow humans. Nor does it involve us repenting every 5 minutes believing that we have sinned and need to be in sacrifice or flogged for having a human life experience, this is the polarization that is used to defend the current bandwidth.

ALL now changes and shifts, for those who are willing to let go, to allow themselves to move beyond the human life experience they were born into there is a fresh shore. That shore is where we now set sail to. We are not lost, we are found and in the finding is the promise of a new way of living and being. The "I AM" of the Old Earth Matrix gives way to WE ARE which is an inclusive energy, where we are nurtured, where we can experience and express LOVE in TRUTH with no sacrifice. There are many within humanity who are so damaged by the current human life experience that they refuse to even peak over the walls they have created to keep the trauma out. We now reveal to humanity the way out, the healing that is available and the route that will take them home.

It starts with the surrender within our heart space to that which humanity have been conditioned to reject, LOVE in TRUTH.

WE ARE is now boarding, the invitation is sent out to ALL who can hear it.

LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION because in TRUTH that is ALL that exists, everything else is illusion.

To find out more please visit the main ORION PORTAL.


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