Out Beyond the Space it is COLD, set your fires there....

WE ARE at a pivotal time in this whole process. As we begin to surrender fully deep within the heart space we are given a glimpse of that which lies on the very edge of this dimensional space referenced as "earth". The dimensional space itself is protected by a coldness that is staggering, it is a space where NOTHING LIVES in TRUTH and it is from this that all is manifest that is experienced as the human life experience. It is the place beyond where the SOUL cannot go which is why we are guided deeply to allow our SPIRIT in TRUTH to not only take up residency but to make itself fully at home within our human physical vehicle.

Our greatest fears will be triggered as we walk in this non space. WE ARE fully protected by our SPIRIT in TRUTH and its connection to SOURCE which is HEAVEN in TRUTH. We must remain akin to space men in their space suits deep within the heart space and LOVE in TRUTH for if we try to navigate this space without doing this we will break and freeze. Like a space man who's space suit is not working we will forever just remain frozen. This is not our purpose, it is not Creators Will for this to happen so we are IGNITED by the HOLY GHOST.

The warmth of the LOVE that IS in TRUTH is what keeps us from freezing and protects us. We are given the glimpses of the deepest pain that we can ever ever view but we are given this glimpse thru the GRACE of CREATOR. Why would Creator allow this? Without this glimpse we simply would defer to the human race repeatedly. When we can see how this was birthed, the horror, the reaping, the sacrifices that that which created this dimensional space demands then we understand. We understand our own humanity and then we begin to understand WHY we must surrender it fully.

As one who has now had this revealed I can but state that it is staggering to see behind the curtain, it is something that takes a while in linear context to digest but it VALIDATES all that has gone before it and all that will come after it. For we are WALKING thru HEAVEN in TRUTH to reach Wider Creation in TRUTH.

LOVE in TRUTH is the eternal flame, it is contains only TRUTH and its purpose is to burn everything that is non TRUTH clean. We stand in this flame and as we do so we turn to GOLD, we are tempered thru the process, we become GOLD because that is what we are in TRUTH. It is a process that has to be gone thru in full surrender because the human logical mind will tell you it is death. NOTHING IS FURTHER FROM TRUTH.

Creator is now placing the FIRES of TRUTH around this dimensional space in order to DISSOLVE THE FROZEN WASTELAND that prevents humanity leaving it. It took Christ 3 days to do this because he had to leave the footprints in the snow that we require in order to keep walking. There is only ever one set of footprints because it is CHRIST WHO CARRIES US THRU THIS.

ALLOW THE FIRE TO BURN BRIGHTLY because as you do this you ignite the seeds of hope within those from Wider Creation in TRUTH who came here to plant a new reality, a new way of living and being in this their human physical form.



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